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Local elections come up in Ukraine. They should be in October. Various political forces began campaigning in this regard. However, not all of them are equal. The members of fascist groups hinder campaigning of opposition by attacks on campaign items.
So last week in Odessa fascists four times attacked the agitators of the party “Opposition bloc”, which opposes the Maidan regime.
August 24 they attacked the tent near the Railway Station Square and Cathedral Square. On Cathedral Square the representative of the “Opposition bloc” Andrew Talievich was able to detain three of the attackers. One of them turned out to be in possession of a certificate assistant deputy of Ukraine, commander of the regiment “Azov” Andrew Biletskiy. Polk “Azov” and its leader Biletsky profess successive Nazi views.

August 26 the fascists made two attacks again. They attacked the tent of the “Opposition bloc” at the intersection of the Lustdorf road and Glushko avenue and near the Polytechnic University on Shevchenko avenue. Agitators from the first tent show that the attackers were dressed in camouflage and had “Right Sector” stripes at the sleeves. “They came and began to break everything without explanation. At the same time they threatened us with physical violence. They said: “We’ll break all and kill you,” – said one of the victims. She also reported that during the destruction of the tents they were pushing her all the time, trying to provoke a fight.
The victims called the police. However, the lawyer of the “Opposition bloc” Alexander Shchelchkov indicates that the police behaved strangely. It arrived at the scene 40 minutes after the call and lingered in the issuing of materials.
The leaders of the “Opposition bloc” behave as if the fascists under the current Ukrainian authorities can be fought by legal means. “We have filed the corresponding request both to the Prosecutor General Mr. Shokin and to Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Avakov,” – said one of the leaders of the “Opposition bloc”.
Also on August 27, the “Opposition bloc” organized a protest against manifestations of right-wing radicalism in Odessa. The action took place near the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region.

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