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A Battle at the Ukrainian parliament

Today, Ukrainian parliament voted for a constitutional amendment to provide a special status for the rebellious Donbas.
Fascists attacked the Ukrainian parliament during the voting. The organizer of the assault was the party “Svoboda”. Former MPs and ministers who are the members of this party were seen in the first ranks. During the assault one of the fascists threw a grenade in the National Guard, who guarded the parliament. As a result, more than one hundred people were injured. One guard was killed. Riots in Kiev continue, police arrests most active militants.
Despite the “Svoboda” attack MPs did vote for changes to the constitution. But a large part of the ruling coalition did not vote for them, considering them a betrayal. For their part, the leaders of People’s republic of Donbas said that the adopted amendments do not correspond to the content of the Minsk Agreement. Thus, the results of voting satisfied only solid Poroshenko supporters.
Poroshenko decided to explain his position and made an appeal to the people. According to Poroshenko, the amendments to the Constitution – a diplomatic maneuver designed to preserve the unity of the Western powers against Russia. Thus, Poroshenko hopes to achieve international isolation of Russia and restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine.
It should be noted that the amendments to the constitution have not come into force yet. Ukrainian laws provide a complicated procedure of changes to the constitution. In particular, it requires another vote when 300 deputies must support changes. At the moment supporters of the constitutional amendments have no necessary of the number of votes.

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