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China | DPRK warns military action if ROK continues frontline broadcasts

SEOUL – The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) warned of a military action unless Republic of Korea (ROK) stops propaganda broadcasts in border areas within 48 hours, Seoul’s defense ministry said Thursday.

The General Staff Department of the Korean People’s Army of the DPRK delivered a message to the South Korean Defense Ministry through the west military hotline at about 5 p.m. (0800 GMT), according to the ministry.

Ukraine | Nazi will join state security in Ukraine

Some of the “Right Sector” fighters will be included to the staff of the Security Service of Ukraine.
The commander of the 5th separate battalion of the VUC “Right sector” with the call sign “Black” said this in his comment for “Hromadske TV”.
According to him, the entry to SSU (SBU – Ukrainian) will allow volunteers to be legalized, gain the status of the ATO veterans, legal weapons, a permanent salary and the possibility of permanent residence at the forefront.
“I think that the service of our guys in the SBU – is not the worst, but the best option of those that we can offer,”- said the battalion commander.

UK | Ukraine crisis: Soldiers accuse commanders of lying as both warring sides make repeated claims of victories and broken ceasefires

by Jack Losh

August 19

Rebels and government soldiers in Ukraine have both accused their respective commanders of lying about one of the most significant battles to erupt on the front line in months.

The revealing case of Ukrainian journalist Igor Guzhva

Editor-in-chief of largest daily to be silenced
by Sergei Kiritchuk
Igor Guzhva is one of the most profiled journalists of Ukraine. He has been daring, however, not to follow the political narrative of the government and Ukrainian nationalism at large. Therefore the authorities have been prosecuting him and seem to take the final step in silencing one of the few remaining dissenting voices.

Since May of 2014, the Ukrainian authorities, as well as radical right-wing organizations, have repeatedly undertaken all manner of actions against the Vesti holding and its head Igor Igor Guzhva (the holding includes the newspaper, internet site and radio station of the same name, the magazine Reporter and the television channel UBR). On May 22, 2014, the activities of the editorial team of the Vesti newspaper (the largest daily newspaper in the country) were entirely locked down by personnel of the tax police on the pretext of a search being carried out. It should be noted that this happened two days before the presidential elections in Ukraine, despite the moratorium declared by the authorities on checks on the mass media.