Daily Archives: August 15, 2015

China | Sodium cyanide “possibly stored” in Tianjin blasted warehouse

TIANJIN, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) — Investigators looking into Wednesday’s explosion in Tianjin believe sodium cyanide may have been stored at the site.

At a press conference Saturday morning, Gao Huaiyou, vice head of the Tianjin bureau of work safety, said that chemicals stored in the warehouse possibly include sodium cyanide, but further confirmation is needed. The containers were not open, and some were not even registered.

UK | Ukrainian Nazi teach children how to fire weapons

Shocking pictures from inside neo-Nazi military camp reveal recruits as young as SIX are being taught how to fire weapons (even though there’s a ceasefire)

  • Azov battalion, the far-right militia defending the port city of Mariupol, eastern Ukraine, runs the course for children
  • During the week-long course, they teach so-called ‘Azovets’ how to fire weapons and survive in a conflict zone 
  • Camp comes under command of Andriy Biletsky, who once admitted that the battalion ‘do not like ceasefire at all’
  • Conflict broke out in April 2014, when separatists rebelled against rule of Kiev’s new Western-looking government

Rumour Mongering Surrounds MH17 Investigation as NATO War Games Barrel Ahead in Eastern Europe