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Ukraine | Intense fighting renewed at the Donbas

Intense fighting renewed at the Donbas in the night from 9 to 10 August. Ukrainian army tried to occupy positions of Donetsk militia at New Laspa, Staroignatevka and Belokamenka. The offensive was started by 72 Brigade of the Ukrainian army. It won New Laspa. But the Brigade offensive proved short-lived. As a result of transient battle PRD army drove the enemy to its original positions. The Ukrainian government has officially informed that it lost 7 dead and 11 wounded. In addition, sources in the PRD argued that Ukrainian army lost one tank.
Since yesterday, the Armies of the self-proclaimed republic are presented in high alert.
On the background of the diplomatic impasse, degree of military conflict increases. It is very likely that in the near future, one of the parties tries to force to change the current situation in the Donbas moving from trench warfare to intense offensive actions. Both sides have enough force for war scenario.

USA | On the A-Bomb’s 70th Anniversary, Obama Wants to Spend a Trillion Dollars on New Nuclear Weapons

News organizations love anniversary stories, and if for some reason you haven’t heard, it’s the 70th anniversary of when the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. The first exploded over Hiroshima on August 6, and the second over Nagasaki on August 9.

USA | Surviving Nagasaki History, memory, and nuclear devastation

When the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki at the end of the Second World War, Yoshida Katsuji was horrifically injured. “Like everyone else in Nagasaki that day,” Susan Southard writes, his “immediate survival and degree of injury from burns and radiation depended entirely on his exact location,” the direction he faced, his clothing, and which buildings and natural structures stood between him and the blast. Half a mile away from the explosion, Yoshida saw the skin from his arm “peeled off and was hanging down from his fingertips.” “Blood was pouring out of my flesh,” he recalls.

Ukraine | The cars of OSCE mission were burnt in Donetsk

Four cars belonging to OSCE monitoring mission were burnt near the hotel “Park Inn”. The leadership of self-proclamed Peoples republic of Donetsk accused of burning Ukrainian special services, supposedely they organized this diversion to discredit PRD leadership. Vice-speaker of People’s Soviet (parliament) of the self-proclaimed PRD Denis Pushilin claimed that additional mesures to ensure the security of the OSCE mission will be taken.