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Ukraine | Democracy in Ukrainian

August 3, Kharkov branch of the organization “Opposition bloc” required to register it and be allowed to participate in local elections. After its rally the party’s office in Kharkov was attacked by local fascists. There were about 70 people with a firearm. Among fascist organizations were seen members of the “Right Sector” and “Civil guards”. The besieged people in the office held off the attackers for several hours. Finally, the police intervened in the conflict. It did not touch attackers, but was able to withdraw besieged people from the building. During the confrontation the Nazis burned the bus and kidnapped one of the activists of the “Opposition bloc”.
The next day, August 4, Kharkov regional Department of Justice announced that it will not register the local organization of the political party “Opposition bloc”. To this end, it has found purely formal grounds. But in fact it has satisfied the requirements of the Nazis.
“The Opposition bloc” in Kharkov is one of the most popular parties, but now the people of this great city will not be able to vote for it in local elections scheduled for the autumn.

Ukraine | Opposition Politicians have United to Save Ukraine

August 3, it was proclaimed the establishment of the Committee for Rescue of Ukraine. Its head became the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov, an influential member of the Party of Regions Volodymyr Oliynyk and pro-Russian politician from Odessa Igor Markov. Committee leaders strongly disassociated themselves from the ousted president Yanukovich. In their view, Yanukovych should be judged on a par with Poroshenko.
Members of the committee noted that the power installed on the Maidan has brought Ukraine to the disaster and enveloped the country stifling atmosphere of fear. Members of the committee condemned the glorification of Bandera followers and fratricidal war in the Donbas.
Politicians urged to change anti-people regime and to hold early presidential and parliamentary elections.
The authorities formed after these elections must immediately stop the war and withdraw troops to their places of permanent deployment. The next step is to turn Ukraine into a federation. This is the only way to save the unity of the country.
The committee’s program includes the dissolution of all illegal armed groups, but does not specify whether it means only fascists or people’s militia of Donbass too.
The fourth step of the Committee involves the abolition of the unlawful decisions taken by the current government of Ukraine. In this regard, the committee called on officials not to carry out criminal orders of the current government. Finally, the fifth step of the committee – urgent reforms to the economic recovery of the country.

Ukraine | The Murderer of a Little Girl was Rewarded the Order

March 16, in the town Konstantinovka Ukrainian army’s armored car crushed to death a little girl and seriously injured another girl and adult woman. The crew of the armored car was drunk, including the vehicle commander. Ukrainian military excesses caused a local revolt of Konstantinovka inhabitants. After that, two members of the crew were arrested, but later released on bail. Commander’s name is Marian Rak.