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Wild Customs of Ukrainian Officials and Smugglers

The head of Transcarpathian regional state administration Vasyl Gubal said a phrase made him famous immediately. He said in interview to one of TV programs:
“Redistribution smuggling in Transcarpathia was always solved by legal means”.
The meaning of this statement will amaze the audience for a long time: Ukrainian official said publicly for the first time that in Ukraine there is a close relationship between officials and the criminal world, on the basis of this connection clearly illicit affairs are governed by legal means.
At the same time according to the official statement, the situation in recent years has only worsened. Before the conflict «Right Sector» with local criminals smuggling distribution issues were solved without the use of weapons. Now, however, interested parties began to shoot each other. It seems that in spite of the official declarations of the approach to Europe Ukraine is confidently approaching Afghanistan after the fall of Yanukovich.

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