UN SC passes resolution approving Vienna agreement on Iran

The United Nations Security Council (UN SC) on July 20 voted unanimously for a resolution supporting a nuclear agreement between Iran and the six international mediators.
Under the document, in the event of successful implementation by the parties of their obligations under the agreement over the Iranian nuclear program, the UN SC will remove Iran from its current agenda within a ten years’ time after the effective date of the agreement, which should happen no later than 90 days after approval of a UN SC resolution.
The document also stipulates that all UN SC sanctions resolutions against Iran will be cancelled once the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirms that Tehran has fulfilled its obligations under the Vienna agreement.
At the same time, under the new resolution, if one of the parties to the agreement is found to be in violation of its obligations, the UN SC shall, within 30 days, hold a vote to confirm the validity of the resolution. Failure to do so within this period will entail re-introduction of all UN SC sanctions resolutions.


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