Location Ukraine Ukraine

Totalitarian Offensive

The grouping of opposition hackers known as KiberBerkut found an information about tighten state control over media in Ukraine.
State security service has prepared a list of 102 Russian media banned to work in Ukraine.
The Ministry of Information Policy has developed a special guide for border guards to help them to identify foreign journalists and not to let them enter Ukraine. According to the instructions, the basis for the suspicion may be the presence of a laptop, memory cards, cameras and other «gadgets» in the luggage. That is, the Border Service is now able to keep out any foreign citizen in Ukraine.
KiberBerkut repeatedly extracted reliable information about the plans of top management of Ukraine.
Commenting on the plans of the Security Service and the Ministry of Information Policy KiberBerkut said: «Ukraine is still far from the ideals of freedom and democracy. Actual Kiev authorities as the fire scared of journalists and all possible ways hinder their work. This is confirmed by documents of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. Ukrainian regime openly manipulates public opinion, turns population into zombies, covers people the opportunity to receive information from different sources. Any «wrong views» are subject to persecution and the ban».
Original documents of the Security Service and the Ministry of Information Policy are available by


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