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Total Control of the Internet: the Deputies of the Parliamentary Majority Made a New Bill

The deputies of the Verkhovna Rada introduced a bill, which assumes control of the likes and reposts on social networks. The draft law prepared by the deputies Andrey Kozhemyakin, Vladislav Bukhara («Fatherland»), Nikolai Palamarchuk Victor King (Block of Petro Poroshenko) and Ruslan Lukyanchuk («Popular Front» of Yatsenyuk). Deputies motivate their project by the need to fight against separatism, cybercrime and «terrorist manifestations». Security service of Ukraine would has access to information from any state informational resorce (registries, databases and data banks), and would be able to dispose of private information «from operators and providers of telecommunications», that is, in fact, any type of data.
In comments to the newspaper «Vesti» one lawyer said, «It’s not just the sites that the user visited, but his/her posts (records in social networks), likes, downloaded files — any activity of a person who gets into the field of view of the security services may be under full control».
«This law makes a clear imbalance between the necessary level of security and depth of data that law enforcement agencies want to access. In fact, it means trying to control citizens’ stay on the Internet”, — says the lawyer Rostislav Kravets.
«… The ability to block resources by decision of National committee of communication has a totalitarian spirit. It can block anyone and without a court order”, — said the president of the «Internet Invest» Alexander Olshansky.
The bill requires Internet service providers for their own money to install equipment to spy on customers. «It is expensive, one set, depending on the number of subscribers and traffic will cost from $ 10 thousand up to hundreds thousand. This will lead to the ruin of small companies”, — said the Internet provider Vladimir Shichkin.


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