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«The Times» Have Seen Fascists in Ukraine at Last

«Kiev forced to fight its own fascist militias»
It was the title in «The Times» devoted to recent conflict between the «Right sector» and Kiev goverment.
«A pro-government Ukrainian militia accused of neo-Nazism has fought a gun battle with the country’s security forces that left at least three dead and several police vehicles destroyed by rocket-propelled grenades.

The fighting marks the first clash between Kiev and one of the country’s “volunteer battalions” who have led the fight against pro-Russian separatists.

The fierce confrontation in the city of Mukachevo, near Ukraine’s western border, involved members of Right Sector, a controversial nationalist group», — states «The Times».
It is a good mark. Even conservative Western media have seen fascists in Ukraine at Kiev’s side and directly wrote about this discovery. «The Times» has found fascisits in correct place where they actually are. It ought to be asked: when will English media see the leading role of fascists in the establishing of current government in Ukraine too? And would it lead to any changes in politics toward Ukraine?

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