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Saakashvili openly threatened trade unions

New governor of Odessa region Saakashvili proposed to displace headquarter of Ukrainian navy in the Trade union house burnt at May 2 last year. The building was not destroyed completely and can be used. But this building is something like a monument to the people fighting against Ukrainian fascism, and the headquarter of regime established in Kiev looks like a challenge to Odessa. But there is problem of property too. This building is a property of trade unions and their leadership doesn’t want to give it for navy.
That is why Saakashvili threatened trade unions. On July 5 in his public speech he said that trade unions “have emerged as a fifth column” and the building will be given to navy “according to martial law”. http://timer-odessa.net/news/dom_profsoyuzov_peredadut_vms_po_zakonam_voennogo_vremeni_tam_raspolojitsya_shtab_flota_781.html
What can be done to Saakashvili personally according to martial law?

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