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Nazi’s activity in Odessa region

Activity of fans of Nazism is increased recently in Odessa and the Odessa region. They were noticed in the most unexpected places related to the control over the property or a profitable business. In particular, the protection of the largest wholesale market of Odessa, «7-km» has been transferred into the hands of the Nazis, who returned from the Donbass.
Head of the State Service for Emergency Situations in the Odessa region proved a fan of Hitler’s Germany. This is evidenced by a photograph where he starred in Nazi uniform with his wife. However, the official says that this photo is a forgery.
July 20 at the recreation center «Solnechny» in the popular resort area Zatoka suddenly appeared squad of Nazis «Azov». It was told reporters by frightened campers. Two sides dispute ownership of the recreation center. That is why journalists suggested that the bandits of «Azov» were invited by one of the parties to the conflict to seize the sanatorium.
Activists of the «Right Sector» from Balta established a checkpoint near the village Timkova on the border of Odessa region with Transnistria. So they’re going to counter smuggling. According to «Right Sector» of Odessa Facebook, customs officers and border guards have approved the initiative. Judging by the actions of the «Right Sector» in Transcarpathia, this is another attempt to take over the smuggling, this time on the border with Transnistria.

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