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Mister Pyatt visits Transcarpathia

Site Mukachevo.net reported, citing its own sources, that on July 21 US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt will come in the Transcarpathian region. The diplomat plans to meet with the leadership of the region and the city of Uzhgorod. Among other things, the ambassador is going to hear the views of local authorities on the situation in the region. «There is no doubt that the ambassador’s visit among other things is connected to developments, in particular with the shooting in Mukachevo», — said the editorial team. http://www.mukachevo.net/ua/News/view/111660
By all appearances, the ambassador will personally govern the relationship between the local corrupt officials and the fascists of the «Right Sector». Ukraine is so dependent on the United States that any internal conflict is now solved with the participation of the US Ambassador. When euromaidan started, the participants were eager to integrate into the European Union and made a cult of the independence of Ukraine. However, as a result of their efforts it turned out just the opposite. Ukraine lost its independence and became a semi-colony of the US.
Meanwhile, force of government troops and armed groups unmarked are concentrated in Transcarpathia. In the mountains, where the «Right Sector» squad, opened fire in Mukachevo, had taken refuge, military helicopters ply. The troops of the National Guard took increased control at mountain passes. However, further actions of the government are directly dependent on the results of the Pyatt’s visit.

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