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Mass exodus from Ukraine

Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation has published statistical data of mass escape from Ukraine to Russia.


Information on the situation of the emergency mass exodus of Ukrainian citizens and stateless persons from the territory of Ukraine

The analysis by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation of the situation concerning Ukrainian citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation since the 13th July 2015 shows the following.

During the period from the 1st April 2014 to the 13th July 2015, 1 038 283 citizens of the south-east of Ukraine have arrived and currently are staying on the territory of the Russian Federation.

369 temporary accommodation centers were organized on the territory of 69 regions of the Russian Federation where 20 980 people are accommodated, including 6 777 children (aged under 18).

552 483 people are accommodated in the private sector.

Since the beginning of the 2014 till the 13th July 2015 Ukrainian

citizens have applied for:

— refugee status – 6 015 people;

— temporary asylum – 366 701 people;

— permissions for the temporary residence – 224 339 people;

— participation in the State program of promotion the voluntary resettlement of compatriots from abroad to the Russian Federation – 124 772 people;

— citizenship of the Russian Federation – 104 291 people;

— residence permit – 48 483 people.

11 billion rubles have been spent on the aid and humanitarian help for the Ukrainians in the Russian Federation.


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