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Fighters Against Past Arbitrarily Interpret New Laws

Memorial complex in Kiev «National Museum of the Great Patriotic War» was renamed into «Museum of the History of Ukraine during World War II. Memorial complex» at July 16.
This was stated by the press service of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, referring to the order of vice-prime Minister and Culture Minister Viacheslav Kyrylenko from 16 July 2015. The corresponding decision to rename the museum is based on the laws on de-communization, said the department. http://vesti-ukr.com/kiev/107487-kievskomu-muzeju-velikoj-otechestvennoj-vojny-smenili-nazvanie
At the same time anti-communist laws, adopted in Ukraine in the spring of 2015, do not provide for the destruction of the memory of the Great Patriotic War. The text of the laws repeatedly referred to numerous exceptions relating to the war. Therefore, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine’s references to the anti-communist laws have no basis. There is the practice of a broad arbitrary interpretation of these laws for the fight against the Soviet period of history of Ukraine.

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