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British Transport Workers Renew Support for Anti-fascist Resistance in Ukraine

June 24
TRANSPORT workers threw their weight behind a call for their union RMT to continue its commitment to Solidarity with the Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine (Saru).

The decision followed a devastating speech at RMT conference by assistant general secretary Steve Hedley.

He said that opponents of the proposals would be “dancing on the graves” of 30,000 merchant seaman who died in Nazi bombings during the second world war and heroic railway workers who fought fascism in Spain.

Proposer Eddie Dempsey spoke out against the Western-backed government of Ukraine, which has included fascists.

Returning from a visit to Ukraine, Mr Dempsey reported that anti-fascists he met there had since been murdered.

Two delegates opposed the motion for not condemning “Russian imperialism.”


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