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American-Ukrainian military training has started near Lviv

The Ukrainian-American military training Rapid Trident-2015 started in the Lviv region at Yavoriv training ground on July 20. According to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine:
«On Monday, July 20 at the International Center for Peacemaking and Safety (Yavoriv district of Lviv region) will be held the official opening ceremony of the Ukrainian-American command and staff training «Rapid Trident / Sabre Guardian-2015″ with the participation of the armies of 18 countries» — said in a statement.
In the photo, the column of military vehicles, which on July 10 came from Poland to Ukraine. According to official information technique and goods arrived for participation in the trainings, which started in the Western Ukraine from July 20. However, it is possible that some of these vehicles will be left in Ukraine and sent at Donbass. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian army is fighting against its own people, the United States and NATO continue its coach, train and equip.

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