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A Sharp Conflict between Kiev Government and the “Right Sector”

Relations are unexpectedly aggravated between Kiev regime and fascist military formation “Right sector”. On June 11 the “Right sector” attacked a sport club in Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region. Police states that it was a criminal conflict caused by the division of influence. When “Right sector” had started shooting, police came and intervened. As a result “Right sector” shot police too. According to official data 14 men are wondered: 6 policemen, 5 “Right sector” militants, 3 members from opposing gang. After heavy fighting “Right sector” department was surrounded and blocked in a nearest forest.
“Right sector” leadership and Dmytro Yarosh personally demanded authorities to punish policemen fired at “Right sector” combatants. But result was opposite. Contrary to this demand interior minister sent additional forces to Mukachevo including special departments and the National Guard.
In response, the «Right Sector» declared general mobilization and organized rallies at the regional Interior Ministry offices demanding the resignation of the minister. Poroshenko and Minister refused to make concessions. At July 12 the «Right Sector» started to pull reinforcements to Transcarpathia, to erect barricades on the roads and withdrew its troops from the front line in the Donbas. After these dangerous maneuvers negotiations began between the head of the “Right sector” Yarosh and the head of state security department in Transcarpathia. If the talks fail, we can expect large-scale clashes.

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