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A New Tool for Repression in Ukraine

June 2, Ukraine’s parliament passed a law on the national police. This police officially will deal with the protection of public order and combating crime. As part of the agency will be criminal and patrol police, pre-trial investigation authorities, the guard police and the special police. Old police, named militsia will continue its existence. Thus, both polices will operate simultaneously. Employees of the new police will be recruited not from the old members of the militsia, but from the volunteers who had not served in the police force. According to the law their monthly salary will be 25 thousand hryvnia. By the standards of Ukraine it is very huge salary.
Old police disloyal to Kiev regime, and the government of Yatsenyuk is well aware of this. Therefore, they want to replace it by loyal staff. It will not be the lack of volunteers. A huge number of paramilitary right-wing extremists will gladly serve the new regime for the huge salary. Thus, the Kiev government expects to legalize activists of fascist gangs and get in its hands a loyal tool of social control and repression of anti-government protest activity. Dictatorship in Ukraine continues to strengthen.

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