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Ukraine | Fighters Against Past Arbitrarily Interpret New Laws

Memorial complex in Kiev “National Museum of the Great Patriotic War” was renamed into “Museum of the History of Ukraine during World War II. Memorial complex” at July 16.
This was stated by the press service of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, referring to the order of vice-prime Minister and Culture Minister Viacheslav Kyrylenko from 16 July 2015. The corresponding decision to rename the museum is based on the laws on de-communization, said the department. http://vesti-ukr.com/kiev/107487-kievskomu-muzeju-velikoj-otechestvennoj-vojny-smenili-nazvanie
At the same time anti-communist laws, adopted in Ukraine in the spring of 2015, do not provide for the destruction of the memory of the Great Patriotic War. The text of the laws repeatedly referred to numerous exceptions relating to the war. Therefore, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine’s references to the anti-communist laws have no basis. There is the practice of a broad arbitrary interpretation of these laws for the fight against the Soviet period of history of Ukraine.

Ukraine | Wild Customs of Ukrainian Officials and Smugglers

The head of Transcarpathian regional state administration Vasyl Gubal said a phrase made him famous immediately. He said in interview to one of TV programs:
“Redistribution smuggling in Transcarpathia was always solved by legal means”.
The meaning of this statement will amaze the audience for a long time: Ukrainian official said publicly for the first time that in Ukraine there is a close relationship between officials and the criminal world, on the basis of this connection clearly illicit affairs are governed by legal means.
At the same time according to the official statement, the situation in recent years has only worsened. Before the conflict “Right Sector” with local criminals smuggling distribution issues were solved without the use of weapons. Now, however, interested parties began to shoot each other. It seems that in spite of the official declarations of the approach to Europe Ukraine is confidently approaching Afghanistan after the fall of Yanukovich.

Ukraine | American Armor Arrived in Odessa

100 Humvee armored SUVs delivered to the port of Odessa on July 18.
US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt wrote this on Twitter and published several photos.
According to him, delivery techniques are carried out in the framework of the agreements reached between the Government of Ukraine and the US State Department in March.
In the same day these Humvees were registered in Odessa under the banner of Ukrainian navy.
While this military help was delivered Ukrainian high technology in war industry dies. World known plant “Yuzhmash” is a bankrupt. Destroying its military production Ukraine will be totally dependent from the US military support in a shot time.

Ukraine | Rally Against Poroshenko was Attacked by Pro-government Radicals

Today a protest was held in the center of Dnepropetrovsk. During this rally the movement of vehicles was blocked on the waterfront of Victory.
The activists of the public movement “Civil Patrol of Dnepropetrovsk” protested against the economical policy of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, and called for his resignation.
During the action, activists were attacked by a group of radicals in masks. They threw smoke bombs on protesters, destroyed posters and beat several activists. Police did not interfere with the actions of radicals.