Daily Archives: Июль 16, 2015

Ukraine | NATO Increases its Presence in Ukraine

On July 14-15, the NATO delegation visited Ukraine. NATO Evaluation Advisory Group met with representatives of the Ukrainian Navy in Odessa and Nikolayev. Officially, the group studied the prospects of help Ukrainian Navy. In particular, the parties discussed the development of naval aviation, the reorganization of fleet management and training, as well as the approach of communication standards and training of troops to the NATO standards.
According to ours unofficial information the parties also discussed the prospect of a naval base of NATO in Odessa.
Thus, NATO’s military presence in Ukraine is increasing.

USA | Yatsenyuk after Biden: Nervously Smokes After Talking to a New Ally

Some days before Ukrainian delegation visited US. It was led by prime-minister Yatsenyuk.
Journalist Roee Kiviti made an interesting photo of Yatsenyuk and rest of Ukrainian delegation.
As he comments it was just after the audience to Joe Biden.
It is obvious that their talk was hard, delegates are tied and without any reason to rejoice at faces.
We have never seen any Ukrainian politician in such condition after negotiations in Russia. It seems too hard to have USA as ally. But this is their new ally, freely chosen at Maidan.

USA | Syriza Fails, but the Anti-austerity Struggle Continues

The left-wing party Syriza won election in January 25 on the program of opposing austerity. Then the referendum of July 5 saw 61% of the people vote «NO» against a new program of austerity dressed up as a «bailout». They voted «NO» despite the fact that the «troika» — the European Central Bank, the Eurogroup of finance ministers, and the IMF – had already forced the closure of Greek banks in order to panic people. They voted «NO» in defiance of the threats of the troika to force the Greek government to issue a new currency separate from the Euro. This vote suggested that a majority of the Greek working people now regarded ending austerity as more important than whether Greece stayed with the Euro. Only a minority preferred to give up the Euro, but the majority wasn’t going to sacrifice everything for the sake of staying in the Eurozone.