Daily Archives: July 15, 2015

Germany | Banned German satire “Die Anstalt”. Media double standards on Russia and Ukraine (Eng Subs)

The scandal episode of the German political satire program ‘Die Anstalt’ about the media leaders’ ties to lobby organisations and their use of enemy images in the Ukrainian conflict.
Josef Joffe and Jochen Bittner – a publisher-editor and political editor of the major German newspaper ‘Zeit’ got an injunction against ZDF to prevent this episode of ‘Die Anstalt’ from being publicly available as it questions the impartiality of the two Zeit journalists. As a result, this episode was temporarily banned from German TV and the ZDF mediathek.
After several months the court ruled in favor of ZDF and the injunction was lifted.

Ukraine | The Campaign Against Opposition Media Has Started in a Predicted Way

Some weeks before we have published report on the attacks on opposition newspaper “Vesti” carried out by Ukraine authorities. The remarkable feature of these attacks was a using of tax police. Kiev regime can’t accuse “Vesti” of separatism and looks for any formal pretext to silent newspaper. In June it became clear that regime would use tax police as a tool for pressure. Today the evidence appeared that regime strictly goes this way.
Ukrainian deputy Victoria Syumar known for her active role in coup d’état 2014 has announced that Igor Guzhva, chief editor of “Vesti” newspaper was officially accused of tax evasion. Guzhva reacted quickly. Editor states that accusation is false and he sure wins process. But while the criminal case go, it will give government rise to reprisals and pressure against newspaper.

England | “The Times” Have Seen Fascists in Ukraine at Last

“Kiev forced to fight its own fascist militias”
It was the title in “The Times” devoted to recent conflict between the “Right sector” and Kiev goverment.
“A pro-government Ukrainian militia accused of neo-Nazism has fought a gun battle with the country’s security forces that left at least three dead and several police vehicles destroyed by rocket-propelled grenades.