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USA | A Look from Inside: What does Pyatt Really Mean?

We publish notes of American analyser on the real means of Pyatt’s statement made before visiting Odessa.


Hundreds stage protest in front of US embassy in Kiev.

The video above speaks for itself – the movement against US occupation and colonization of Ukraine is growing by the day.  Increasingly citizens in Kiev are showing their determined support for the self-defense forces in eastern Ukraine (Donbass) that are still daily being shelled by Kiev’s ‘National Guard’ (neo-Nazi units). The US Army is currently training Kiev’s ‘National Guard’ in western Ukraine.

Ukraine | US Ambassador Plans to Visit Odessa

American ambassador announced his visit to Odessa on Monday (July 6).  http://ukraine.usembassy.gov/statements/amb-odesa-07012015.html He states that has to aims of visit. Firstly he wants to see “how things have changed” after 2 May massacre. Secondly he plans to signal “in a very public way the full support of the United States for what Governor Saakashvili and his team are doing to try to change the ground situation”.
“I will be there with my anti-corruption team looking at some of the initiatives that we will – that we the State Department – will be prepared to put our weight behind, building on what you’ve done with Eka Zguladze here with the Ministry of Interior and the Patrol Police and beyond, and using Odesa (conscious ambassador’s mistake: it must be written Odessa. – edit.) as a laboratory for American support to radical anti-corruption reform”.
This is an open intervention in internal affairs of Ukraine. Odessa in his eyes is a merely ground for American experiments for rebuilding of Ukrainian society. While Ukrainian nationalists imagine fighting for independence against Russia, the real danger for Ukrainian sovereignty comes from another side. They even did not mention that Ukraine has turned into American protectorate.
USA never rules any territory without direct advantage for itself. Ukraine and Odessa in particular is not exception. The ambassador also added that during his visit plans to lobby interests of American food companies such as Cargill and ADM because “they’d like to be doing more here”.