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Yanukovich’s Law Returns under Maidan Banner

The Verkhovna Rada will consider the bill on blocking access to sites without a court order.
The National Commission for Communications Regulation would have the right to order a blocking access to Internet sites that are mandatory for providers.
The corresponding norm is contained in the bill №2133a published on the official website of the Parliament.
According to the text of the draft law, ISPs must «according to the decision of the National Commission exercising the state regulation in the sphere of communication and information, limit (stop, block) their subscribers’ access to Internet resources through which the dissemination of information contrary to the law is carried out, and renew such access on the basis of the relevant decision in the case of the removal of such information, or based on a court decision, which reversed the decision to restrict the access of subscribers to Internet resources».
It should be noted that the rule almost completely duplicates a similar rule of Yanukovych’s scandalous «draconian laws» January 16, 2014. In particular, as in the controversial package of laws, blocking of Internet resources in the new bill is carried out without a court order, on the basis of a decision of the National Commission.
The bill also stipulates that Internet service providers are obliged to provide «competent authorities» information about their subscribers.
The authors of the bill are the deputies Andrey Kozhemyakin, Vladislav Bukharev, Ruslan Lukyanchuk («Fatherland») and Nikolay Palamarchuk (Block Poroshenko).


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