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Ukrainian Trade Union Leaders under Pressure and Investigation

URGENT APPEAL FOR SOLIDARITY: Ukrainian Trade Union Leaders under Pressure and Investigation

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today, 18 June 2015 our leader and the KVPU (Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine) Chairman Mikhailo Volynets was called to the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) to be investigated about trade unions’ protests held earlier this year. Half an hour before the appointment in the SBU, Mikhailo Volynets briefed the mass media representatives, who came to get to know why trade unions are under investigation. Mikhailo Volynets said: “The Government haven’t paid any attention to the demands of coal miners to reimburse their salary debts. Now after the legal protests they are trying to intimidate trade unions leaders in all Ukrainian regions. I have an impression that the SBU is now very busy with trade unions, incriminating them in illegal activities”. Mikhailo Volynets has also stressed that the SBU specialists do not know the Law of Ukraine about Trade Unions and the Constitution of Ukraine which stipulate the right to freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly giving no legal grounds for the government/public services to interfere into these freedoms.

After the series of workers’ protests in April-June 2015 the heads of primary trade unions in various Ukrainian regions were also summoned in the local SBU departments for questioning.

Mikhailo Volynets in his telephone call from the room of the SBU investigator has said that he insists on receiving an answer as to “Who’s given the order to violate the Law about Trade Unions and International standards?”

Mikhailo is still under investigation in the SBU illegally kept and questioned. We call on the International partners, trade unions and human rights institutions to express their opposition to the violation of fundamental trade union principles in Ukraine.

Mikhailo Volynets has just announced that he is to go on “hunger strike”.

Thank you for your solidarity.

KVPU International Department

The support letters could be forwarded to:

The President of Ukraine: сpresidentpressoffice@apu.gov.ua; сpressoffice@apu.gov.ua

The Government of Ukraine: vydoinyk@kmu.gov.ua

Security Service of Ukraine pressinfo@ssu.gov.ua

P.S. The actions of the SBU are intended to intimidate Ukrainian trade unionists who have been engaged in a number of protests over the deteriorating socio-economic situation. A joint protest of the KVPU and the Federation of Trade Unions was held on 15 June 2015 at the conciliation council of the heads of parliamentary board of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

We can add only one fact: Volynets has supported euromaidan and now becomes its victim.

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