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the-fate-of-the-third-maidanThere are a lot of signs that serious social clash is growing in Maidan camp in Ukraine. The politics of oligarchs and banderovists leads to disappointment even those people who still believe in their lies. These people still believe that Russia fights against Ukraine, that Maidan was not a reactionary coup but democratic revolution. But they see social reality unchanged. It even becomes worse. That is why on Sunday July 7 they tried to react according previous tradition and launched a “Third Maidan”. But this attempt was put down by government’s paramilitary forces called as Maidan self-defence. You can read official position of SBU published by Ukrainian news agencies.

The organizer of the so-called «third Maidan» in Kiev Rustam Tashbaev was expelled from Ukraine to the prohibition of entry. This was stated by head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko, Interfax-Ukraine reports.
«Yes, indeed, it was provocative aping of truthful protests that took place a year and a half ago, including on the Maidan in Kiev. The foreigner, whose name you mentioned (Rustam Tashbaev — Ed.) — One of those who received funding and support from «PRD» and «PRL» to bought tents, stage and tried to carry out provocative rhetoric «- said Nalyvaychenko.
According to him, it worked Maidan self-defense, which still police an order and security there. «This action has been liquidated,» — said the head of the SBU.
Nalyvaychenko also stressed that Tashbaev has been deported from Ukraine, «he was banned from entering to our country.»
According to him, there was no conflict as such in the Maidan, the Maidan organizations worked effective.
«Security Service is working with the organizers and instigators and stopped funding, including the use of possibly weapons at the place, where this provocation done. This weapon is seized, it is in the police, you need to enable enforcement bodies to find out why the weapon got there and it was in one of the tents, «- said Nalyvaychenko.
As reported, in Kiev on Sunday was announced a perpetual action on the Independence Square. The activists demanded the government to report on its activities for the year, an explanation for the slow pace of reforms and the lack of change for the better.
The action had called «third Maidan», but it is not lasted a day – at night unknown persons smashed protesters’ camp.

As you see, dissenters proclaimed agents of the Kremlin and at the best expelled from the country. «The democratic world community» does not protest, although one and a half years ago in the West everybody cried as «Berkut» broke up the children. And now some scoundrels dare to demand a report from the power of the oligarchs, who came to power on a wave of protests against the oligarchs! When silence of the international community the political police reserves the right to determine — what the protests «truthful» and which are not.

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