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People in Dnepropetrovsk demand the resignation of Poroshenko

June 15, activists of the public movement «Civil Patrol of Dnepropetrovsk» came out to protest against the policies of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, urging him to resign.
Note that the participants of the meeting marched through the central streets of Dnepropetrovsk, blocking the movement of cars.
Also, activists held placards «Send the president to resign», «Tariffs kill Ukrainians», «Pay and sleep hungry». Some protesters held pictures depicting the president and the word “Porosenko” (in eastern Slavic languages it is sounding very similar to «pig»).
This action was not ignored by the Dnepropetrovsk «evromaidan» activists and ultras — the event was accompanied by conflicts with civil activists.
«The destructive policies of Poroshenko pushed the level of Ukraine’s development of two decades ago. It was even said by Saakashvili. Who will compensate this lost time and opportunities for our younger generation? We demand the resignation of the president and the government», — said one of the participants of the public movement» Civil Patrol of Dnepropetrovsk «Yevgeny Palamarchuk.

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