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Leader of the «People’s Rada of Bessarabia» was beaten in Odessa

The evening of 16 June, at about 20:00, unknown assailants beat the leader of «People’s Rada of Bessarabia» Vera Shevchenko.
As the press service of the PRB informs, the attackers were waiting for a woman at the door of her home. She was unguarded and they knocked her down and then kicked.
According to the relatives of the victim, the malefactors were at least four people.
Note that previously the leader of the Bessarabian movement was openly threatened violence from activists of «Right Sector», who, according to the organization, are supported by Security service of Ukraine. According to PRB, activists repeatedly broke into the office, pasted offensive leaflets round it, put psychological pressure on the victim.
«We are very politely explained separatist, that this is the first and last warning», — representatives of PRB quote the statement of «evromaydan» supporters.
In its turn, as the organization’s press office sends, the bureau of «People’s Rada of Bessarabia» is authorized to declare strongly protest the criminal actions on the part of the nationalists and the Security service of Ukraine.
«Beating a woman – is the most humiliating act possible for a man. Our activists reserve the right to punish the perpetrators», — reported in PRB.

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