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CoE Venice Commission Head Markert to EuroFora:Check crucial Ukraine Constitution Reform on June 14?

*Strasbourg/CoE/Angelo Marcopolo/- CoE’s Officials expect from Kiev to send Tomorrow a set of crucial Draft Constitutional Amendments which could provide a Key for a Peaceful compromise Solution to the Tragic on-going Conflict at South-Eastern, mainly Russian-speaking, Regions of Ukraine, in order to be hopefully adopted by the PanEuropean Organisation’s watchdog for Democracy and Human Rights through Constitutional Law, known as «Venice Commission», during its forthcoming Plenary Session in the Middle of June, revealed Today to «EuroFora» the experienced Director of that CoE’s prestigious body, composed mainly by Top Jurists, University Professors and/or Constitutional Courts’ specialized Judges from all over the entire European Continent and even well beyond, Thomas Markert.

— Possible issues to check seem to be mainly 3 : Relations between Government, Presidency and Parliament, (probably «the most Delicate»), Reform of the Judiciary and fight against Corruption, («comparatively Easier, since we have previously drafted a Repport on that, already since Last Year», 2013), and Federalisation and/or Local/Regional Decentralisation, (which corresponds also to a possible Peace Deal with the Autonomists at the Russian-Speaking South-East Regions).

— «We (CoE) should give our replies after the 14th of June, 2014, CoE’s Venice Commission’s Director, concluded, speaking to «EuroFora».  Apparently, this is due to the fact that its Following Plenary Session has been scheduled for much Later-on : after the beginning of October, i.e. probably very, if not Too Late for a hopefuly Timely Political Compromise in Ukraine on the crucial Constitutional Reforms about more or less possible Federalisation/DeCentralisation of Power.

— In fact, as far as prospects for a Peaceful Political Compromise are concerned, it all depends on the more or less Importance of the Draft Constitutional Amendments that the Ukranian Authorities might accept to send us here to Strasbourg from Kiev, apparently Tomorrow (May 20), in order to be examined, discussed and eventually adopted by the Plenary on June, Markert pointed out to «EuroFora».

+ Exceptionaly, it’s also the experienced President of the «Venice Commission», Italy’s Giani Bucquichio, who was Today present in Strasbourg at a subsequent gathering this Evening at the CoE, significantly organised by EU Commission’s long-time Permanent Representative to the PanEuropean Organisation.  And Buquichio, when questioned by «EuroFora» about the possibility for the Committee that he Chairs now, (after having served at COE’s Headquarters for more than a Decade as Director of its Secretariat as Markert does during the recent Years), didn’t deny at all, and even Smiled back positively, as if he really Welcomed such a move..

=> Meanwhile, already 2 «Venice Commission»‘s Experts are due to visit Ukraine this Week-end, as part of CoE’s Congress of Local and Regional Authorities’ team, which are due to Monitor the Country’s Local and Regional Elections, partly scheduled on the same day as the National ones, (See also ….).

Even if often accused to be «Separatists», nevertheless, the South-Eastern Ukraine Dissidents seem to have carefully crafted their May 11 Popular Referenda by focusing them on the Legaly Flexible term of «Autonomy», which might, in Theory, go from a Re-Unification with Russia (that several Local People obviously wished), or a proclamation of Independence, (that the Donetsk and Luhansk Regions apparently did, as a first reaction to Kiev’s Deadly Power Shift of February 21, 2014), up to a «Federalisation» inside Ukraine, (that Russia officially appears to prefer, as also an experienced Russian Diplomat confirmed Today to «EuroFora», and was moreover advised, recently in Strasbourg by experienced Austrian President Fischer, as well as by the Secretary General of the «International Bureau for Peace» : See INTW to «EuroFora» : …..), may be even until a more or less Substantial Regional DeCentralisation, (as, f.ex., CoE’s Local/Regional Democracy watchdog, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe : CLRAE’s Secretary General suggested Today to «EuroFora»).

+ «Variable Autonomy, with more or less powers decentralized and shared between various Regions is also legally possible and even already effective in several European Countries, where some areaa may have a wider, more extensive Autonomy and powers than others, CLRAE’s Head (who is personaly also Experienced in EU Committee of Regions’ issues, observed later Today, regarding also the expected CoE’s Venice Commission’s check on Kiev’s Draft Constitutional Changes.


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