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The Private military companies appeared in Russia and Ukraine long before the beginning of military-political crisis of 2013-2014. The interest to these structures appeared and transformed in process of this crisis, and often different kinds of publicists gave not an objective assessment of the PMCs. Such “catching-up” approach to this problem proved to be highly inefficient, and many publicists didn’t understand the scales and character of such phenomenon as the private military company.

PMCs inevitably take part in the military-political processes happening in Ukraine since the last years such companies actively participated in the socio-economic and political life of the countries of the CIS. The huge British concern G4S about more than twenty years has a large number of representations in Kiev and Moscow, being engaged in recruitment of employees, intelligence activity in interests of not pro-Ukrainian or pro-Russian customers. In Kiev the office of G4S was opened in 1992[1], and already at that time it was one of the largest private military companies in the world. There are also representative offices of other private military companies of Great Britain and USA in Russian Federation and Ukraine, and for several years no one has even hinted about the permissibility of this. The official offices in Russia and Ukraine have such large and influential PMCs as: “Frontier Horizons”, “Global Protection Agency, Ltd.”, “IFS2I Security Consulting LLC”, “DSEC Security Consulting Ltd”. These are the companies capable to influence on the international policy. Not to mention many other companies and firms that founded in the CIS by subsidiary companies seemingly unrelated to the parent companies or simply recruiting points of very large private military firms were registered as job centers for sailors, etc.

Why there were no earlier “shocking” news about PMCs?

Domestic and Post-Soviet social scientists literally “missed” the topic of PMCs about as well as they missed the problem of Ukrainian nationalism and other forms of right-wing ideology in the post-Soviet space. There are many reasons for that. Among the key can be distinguished ongoing since the end of 1970-1980-ies., economic and political problems that brought down the level of education. As well as media policy for the last 20 years, imposing not only to the layman, but even to the academic public secondary and an unimportant topics.

In order to understand the problem of PMCs in the context of the military-political crisis, it is necessary to understand the important determinants of the modern capitalist system. First of all, it is necessary to consider a factor of internationalization of the capital or its globalization. Secondly, it is extremely important to realize the crisis of system of the national state. How have these things influenced on military crisis in Ukraine, we will show on concrete examples.

Also, we will try to trace the activity of PMCs in the territory of Ukraine in the historical retrospective as possible. In the 90th of the XX century in Ukraine, as well as in other splinters of the former USSR began to arise PSC – private security company. They formed the backbone of the most powerful, included in the law criminals or the former state and party nomenclature. Private security eventually won less organized and economically weaker forces of the simple bandit world. Naturally that the victory was on the side controlled by higher oligarchy and bureaucracy private security companies which for only a few years finished with “lawlessness”. Once Lev (Leo)? Tolstoy successfully expressed concerning the predatory world: “The brigands rob mostly rich, the government is fleecing mostly poor, the rich men, helping them in their crimes, patronize. The robbers doing their job, risking their lives, the governments almost risk nothing. The robbers nobody take by force in to their gang – the governments recruit the soldiers mostly violently. The robbers divide prey for the most part equally, the governments distribute prey unevenly: than more one participates in organized deception, then more he receives remuneration. The robbers don’t corrupt deliberately people — the governments for achievement of its purposes corrupt the whole generations of children and adults with false religious and patriotic doctrines. The main thing, that any most cruel robber, any Stenka Razin, any Cartouche — can’t be compared in cruelty, ruthlessness and refinement in tortures not only with well-known for their cruelty villains — sovereigns: Ivan the Terrible, Louis XI, Elizabeth, etc. but even with the present constitutional and liberal governments with their executions, solitary confinement prisons, disciplinary battalions, exiles, suppressions of revolts and beatings in the wars. ”

PMCs in their own understanding of this word began to spread in Ukraine about since 2010. Among the largest Ukrainian companies should be distinguished a group of “Omega Consulting”, “Artan groups”, “Albatross” etc.

I.e. formally the Ukrainian state at the time of the beginning of military-political crisis had its own PMCs. The conflict starts in the Crimea, and then in the east. Today there is no exact data on, whether the Ukrainian PMCs take part in police operations in the east areas of the country, or they give advises to the government on these or those questions. However it should be noticed, that the soldiers of PMCs didn’t give oath of allegiance, therefore, no one will force them to fight. To make them fight is unthinkable from the point of view of morality, and from the point of view of the law. Many Russian publicists extraordinarily advocate for the emergence in Russia of their own PMCs. On the example of Ukraine you can be convinced that PMCs are not a guarantee of national security, they are only executors of the will of their customers. Despite the absence of exact data, we, nevertheless, can with a high share of probability claim, that the Ukrainian PMCs didn’t take active part in military operations on the side of the Ukrainian state in the east of Ukraine until to August, 2014. Such firms as “Albatross” and “Group Vega” continued to work only in the sphere of security of the sea transports, mostly of the foreign ship-owners.

PMCs are the military and commercial structures at the same time, and the commercial component prevails in their nature. It can be explained by the fact that most of these companies are created for the purpose of enrichment – this banal reason explains their not always “correct” behavior. Many ordinary people and even the military publicists consider PMCs something as a mercenary army; this is a very serious error, and the actions of the Ukrainian PMCs clearly evince it. These organizations by their very nature are created for earnings in the power sector (not only in military), and on the third or fourth plan comes a question of participation-nonparticipation in the military conflicts.

About the participation of American PMCs in the Ukrainian crisis is emphasized, first of all, by mass media with the pro-Russian vector of broadcasting. There was posted in internet video, on which you can see a few people in a strange military uniform marching through the streets of Donetsk (this video was uploaded and downloaded by many users of Youtube in March, 2014[2].). However this video is inconclusive in the end, it could be local airsoft players. (Their equipment and clothes is very difficult to distinguish from the true military outfit, as well as their weapons). Considering a huge number of juggling, inconsistencies and outright lies in many and many mass media, extremely confuses next fact: that the pro-Russian sites hurried up to rank people on this video as the staff of the “Black Water” company which for a long time ceased to exist, being transformed to some other private military and security firms. It can be explained, most likely by the fact that the name “Black Water” is the most known because this company carried out a number of high profile punitive expeditions against civilians and rebel forces in Iraq. The actions of “Black Water” in Iraq were well-known to the Russian viewer therefore to make a hint on existence of this odious force in the conflict in Ukraine would be extremely tempting for the Russian propaganda. We assume that in this case, mass media offered us false information. Internet users also uploaded other videos. On one of them posted even before the beginning of the military conflict some people in the militarized clothes immobilized, knocked to the ground another man in military uniform. This knocked man declares: “I am USA’s citizen!”[3]. This video also seems to us strange. Those militarized men could turn the hostage, to show his face and much, much more loudly to declare about the presence of the foreign citizens, after all this is very important thing. That did not happen. Therefore, this video also causes serious doubts. The video with helicopters of the American production over Dnepropetrovsk is also not a fact of the presence of PMCs in Ukraine. The German newspaper “Der Spiegel” also expressed doubts about the information on 400 employees of “Blackwater” in Ukraine[4] though many pro-Russian Internet resources have reported the opposite.

In this case, most likely, means some fraud information.

The pro-Ukrainian mass media in this regard naturally fabricated outright fiction about the participation of Russian PMCs in the conflict in the Eastern regions of the country. Thus, the website “City News”[5] in the article “The Separatistic Donbass: “To some war is hell, to others, a kindly mother” wrote down among Russian PMCs: Ukrainian company specializing in security of a sea vessels “Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd” whose owner is the native of Nikolayev Anatoly Smolin and English PMCs «Bowline Defense» which also is specialize in security of the sea transport. It’s not worth a straw.

Also according to the pro-Russian information sites and services, as well as from Internet resources sympathizing LPR and DNR received information about participation in armed conflict «Grey stone» – a subsidiary of the company «Academi LLC». A short time after this on the company’s website was posted an announcement of the availability of good job in Russia; in the spring of 2014 this announcement disappeared. No conclusive data on the participation of this PMC in the conflict yet found, although the rebel forces reported that there were casualties from this military company.

Also the sites supporting DNR and LPR reported about the participation in military operations on the side of the forces ATO Polish PMC “ASBS Othago” (Systemowe Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz)[6]. That was also not confirmed.

Much more interestingly in this regard the photographs. Thus, on one of the photos the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appears surrounded by men armed with special P90 submachine gun and hats with the logo of the company “Aegis Defense”. Though this information was disseminated primarily by Pro-Russian media, there is a reason to trust it because «Aegis Defense» already worked in Ukraine according to the data of British experts[7]. This company could easily to consult the Ukrainian government. The employees of this military company have very serious communications in the CIS countries. In particular, the Russian corporation “Gazprom” is a regular customer of the company «Aegis Defense». British mercenaries provided security of employees of “Gazprom” and the company’s assets in Baghdad, and now continue to perform their security functions. The commercial communications do not hinder this company work “on two fronts”. This is one of the examples of the internationalization of capital. Add to this the fact that near Lipetsk situates large production facilities of the company «Roshen», which also belongs to Petro Poroshenko. «Aegis Defense» is a British company with a high income and a sufficient number of employees for the formation of an entire division. The management of the company includes the representatives of the high ranks of army, navy and intelligence services of Great Britain. This PMC is actively cooperating with the US and British corporations … and as we see it with Russian. Though it seems strange: because Russia and the USA are at open information warfare and economic struggle during all Ukrainian crises. The war has become a commercial project, so this situation is normal for the modern world. In nowadays it’s absolutely need to take a sober look at these things and realize that the idea of nationalism and geopolitics, as if they were not imposed as a fashion or other thing, are not adequate for understanding what is happening. Some “national interests” actually have under themselves no material bases. The popularization of such ideas is nothing more than a distraction of the large number of people from the important problems and a means of justification of certain actions. In modern society the interests of multinational corporations are most strongly expressed, all others are leveled. This is well illustrated by the example of the European Union. When the need arose, the multinational corporation of the European countries in a very short time, created the huge continental state. And yet hundred more or less years ago the subjects of the EU met in the bloody battlefield. The national interests of these countries got to somewhere as soon as these countries were united under the power of the general interest of the European companies. Various publicists and analysts, and also simple bloggers sometimes express opinion that, for example, that Russia needs PMCs. In fact, it is a foolish idea. PMCs appear where and when they need to the large capital. To expect kingly policy in this matter is very strange, we should once again to repeat, that PMCs are created for the purpose of receiving profit. The Apologists of PMCs in Russia give such argument: the former officers will find for themselves high paying job. The question arises: who will pay for this job? Some think that the state will pay. And there is the following question: if the state pays PMCs for this or that military action, and the funds go not only into the pockets of former soldiers, but in the pockets of the owners of the PMCs, is it not easy to pay a normal salary to the ordinary officers and soldiers of the contract army?

PMCs as commercial organizations can always be redirected to their own people, because employees of a private firm do not give the oath of allegiance and quite often stay outside of the legal field.

In this regard we will consider one of the episodes of possible use of PMCs during the Ukrainian crisis. First of all, we are talking about the military-political operation of Russia in Crimea. So far, the official Russian authorities did not answer on the question whether there were used in Crimea PMCs or not. Many Russian journalists give a positive answer to this question. Among the companies capable to participate in such action are usually distinguished “RSB-Group”, and “Moran Security”. An active role during this operation in Crimea could play a team of former PMC Slavonic Corps.

The military-political action in Crimea was initiated by the Russian Federation for a number of reasons which concerned in many respects the interests of the Russian state itself. However let’s pay attention that in the Crimea the situation remains calm. There does not appear any “Al-Qaeda” among the Crimean Tatars; Ukrainian nationalists too don’t hurry to arrange diversion on the peninsula. Pay attention that the Ukrainian navy in the Black Sea also doesn’t show activity, however, as well as Russian.

The Crimea under the power of the Russian Federation received the status quo, including from the USA. Russian troops and PMCs in Crimea were defending not only the interests of Russia. Let us remember where Yanukovych went in the winter, when the country’s political crisis raging in full. “Pro-Kremlin” President Yanukovych went to… China.

Long before the beginning of a Maidan-2014 in a financial system of Ukraine there was a serious change. In June 2012, the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Sergiy Arbuzov signed a three-year swap[8] with the People’s Bank of China[9]. Ukraine was the 12th country which received a swap of PRC. In fact, the National Bank of Ukraine made decision to store foreign-exchange reserves in US dollars, in bills and metals but also in Chinese yuan (about 7.5% in 2012, according to the Ukrainian government experts).

In 2013 the Ukrainian bourgeoisie lost the opportunity to pursue an independent foreign policy. Maneuvering between the EACU and the European Union, the economic elite of the country decided to delegate on the negotiations in China President Viktor Yanukovych. In December 2013 he will sign a number of international treaties with China. The texts of these documents are virtually inaccessible to the ordinary citizens of Ukraine. One of these texts offers to buy the main legal business portal of Ukraine “The league: The law[10].” («Liga: Zakon»). The most coherent information on the nature of the December negotiations with China can be obtained from the Chinese government sites.

If you recall, the opposition did everything possible to prevent the president from the fly to China, he was criticized by opposition leaders, while in the country inexorably spread mass protests. Nevertheless, the president alive or dead had to depart to China, and he «flew» urged by those who were interested in the development of Chinese business in Ukraine. Within one year the People’s Republic of China received only two foreign state delegations and if at the end of 2013 the delegation of Ukraine didn’t visit China, full hegemony would be reached by pro-American opposition. And so, even after “the bloody dictator” was deposed, the representatives of a new government were compelled to ratify signed by him treaties. According to the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between Ukraine and the PRC was ratified, and the relevant law about ratification was signed by the Acting President of Ukraine of 15 may 2014[11].

During Victor Yanukovich’s visit to the PRC there were signed ten international treaties, the content of which is still unknown to us. One thing is clear that President went to China, despite deepest political crisis and these treaties had huge values for both sides, first of all they lobbied military-political interests of China and the interests of its industrial corporations.

On December 5, 2013 were signed:

«A treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between Ukraine and PRC».

«A general declaration between Ukraine and People’s Republic of China on the further deepening of their strategic partnership».

“A programme of development of strategic partnership between Ukraine and PRC for 2014-2018 years”.

“A treaty between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the People’s Republic of China on economic and technical cooperation”.

“A protocol of phytosanitary inspection requirements for exports of soybeans from Ukraine to PRC between the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and the General Administration of Quality Supervision , Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC”.

“A protocol of phytosanitary inspection requirements for barley exports from Ukraine to PRC between the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and the General Administration of Quality Supervision , Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC”.

“A memorandum of Understanding between the State Agency of Ukraine for Tourism and Resorts and the National Tourism Administration of China on the Promotion group of Chinese tourists trips to Ukraine”.

“A memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Health and the State Administration of Traditional Medicine of China on cooperation in the field of traditional Chinese medicine”.

“An agreement on cooperation in the fields of energy efficiency, energy saving and renewable energy sources between the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine and the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure)”.

“An agreement on cooperation between the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the China International Contractors Association”.

China’s plans concerning Ukraine were huge. In total the Chinese companies planned to invest about $20 billion in economy of Ukraine.

Yet in the fall of 2013 Xi Jinping expressed his intention to re-create the “silk road economic belt”. This trade route passes through the North-Western region of China, including unstable regions of compact residence of the Uighurs, then through Kazakhstan, Russia, Krasnoyarsk region, Crimea, and Greece.

In the long term perspective is considering the construction of the railway through the territory of Russia to the Baltic Sea with the access to the northern ports of Germany.

It is extremely important to Beijing to connect physically itself with Europe to provide its huge export to EU countries. For this purpose at the end of 2013 the representatives of Ukraine were also invited to China. According to a senior researcher of the “Society of Political Studies India”[12] Monisha Gulati, the construction of port in the Crimea is very important for Chinese corporations and soon should to expect a strengthening of relationship between Russia and China in the Crimea, as the Chinese business intends to get direct access on a stable maritime traffic between Crimea and Greece. Many Ukrainian websites and media rushed to declare about termination of Chinese investments into the Crimean economy. The Russian websites stated that all of these arrangements remain in force. Actually it is about the termination of a number of the planned investments and change of their nature. The Crimea became part of the Russian Federation that involves also changes in policy of China. In particular the Chinese government is considering the possibility of construction of a large port in the Crimea together with the implementation of projects of naval construction of the Russian Federation.

This port is intended in the future to secure the connection of the Chinese economy with the economy of the Old Continental Europe. The building of such port may be somewhat inhibited due to the development of military operations in the east regions of Ukraine.

This case is complicated by the fact that China had a large number of mutually beneficial agreements with Ukraine, diplomacy of China traditionally treated with great attention to Ukraine. But it didn’t turn out for China to bind firmly Ukraine to itself. From the military-political point of view it was very important for Tianxia “to embrace in a friendly hug” Russia not only from the East but also from the West. Extremely simplifying, it is possible to tell that Ukraine for China concerning Russia is something like Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic for Russia concerning Ukraine. On the one hand it is advantageous to China to have as the ally Ukraine, independent of the Russian Federation with a well-developed nationalism it is worth to remember at least a magnificent celebration of the 200th anniversary of T.G. Shevchenko in Beijing), on the other hand it is favorable to have aggressive anti-Russian Ukraine and for the USA. But it is better for China to keep Ukraine as a vassal of its vassal, than the faithful ally of Washington.

It makes clear China’s position towards Ukraine. Indecisive at first glance, position of China in fact is the desire to win for itself a greatest number of bonuses.

The USA and the pro-American EU party decided that directly to climb “in soul” of the economic interests of China is fraught with consequences therefore so they accepted the annexation of Crimea by Russia. But at the same time, keeping control over the top establishment of Ukraine, they assumed that if anything crops up “anybody won’t get it” and if the Chinese-Russian block will get the entire Ukraine but only in an appropriate state.

To prevent the strengthening of China and its union with Ukraine and construction of a new “Silk Road” the USA went to the forcing of political and military operations in Ukraine a destabilization of situation in the country, having begun the long civil military conflict. Thus, the establishment of the USA solved at once several problems.

Here we can talk about the second part of PMC’s participation in the Ukrainian crisis. For more than twenty years of existence of the Ukrainian armed forces in the country were lightning fast degradation of the army and other institutions of force Military experts, who realized the extent of the collapse of the military system of the former USSR, have committed suicide, and them, as we all know it, were not so many.

Since May, 2014 it became obvious that institutions of force of the country lost ability to the banal organization. The help of PMCs of the countries of NATO at this stage is reduced mainly to consultation of the military and political establishment of Ukraine.

Information on participation of PMCs in combat operations in the east of the country was reported so far only from informal sources who cited the leaders of the breakaway republics. First of all, we are talking about the data of the Minister of Defence of DNR who reported about a number of casualties from foreign private military companies “Greystone”, “ASBS Othago” and so forth.

For now there is reliable information about direct participation of employees of PMCs as combatants in the conflict in Ukrainian.

Basically this is one of the important advantages of private military companies in compare with state armies. PMCs can operate unobserved as possible.

Having open information, we can merely trace the chain of relationships between private military companies and the largest business in the Ukrainian crisis. Various radical organizations and individuals from Russia and the countries of Europe are directly participating in armed conflicts. These are the ideological organizations of nationalist, neo-fascist, religious persuasion, for which commercial benefit isn’t the prevailing motivation for participation in (LMC) in the southeast of Ukraine. They directly aren’t connected with the private military companies in any way.

Destructive activity of PMCs in Ukraine manifested, perhaps, in a greater degree before the crisis, and it is far from obvious character.

So, for example, according to O. V. Valetsky and I.P. Konovalov in 2008 interior ministry officials arrested in Odessa the agents of PMC «Muse Professional Group», who were trying to transport about ten ex-servicemen of Armed Forces of Ukraine to Afghanistan. It wasn’t succeeded to stop activity of “Muse Professional Group” in Ukraine. “Besides, in Ukraine through various veterans’ organizations was organized recruitment at first in 2005 in PMC BH Defense, and then in 2010 and in PMC BritAm, which had a contract on protection of the oil companies in the south of Iraq” – as it was reported in 2013 by the same authors.

The above mentioned company «Aegis» at the same time carefully keeps interests of Russian “Gazprom” and the American puppet president Petro Poroshenko.

Undoubtedly, one of the main locomotives of the military-political crisis in Ukraine became the Anglo-American private intelligence corporation «TorchStone Page» created quite recently – in 2013. The leadership of the company includes Todd Cale – Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, was appointed to this post by President Barack Obama in 2009. He also held several key positions at the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service. Larry Cunningham – Larry Cunningham – is one of the leaders of the security of US President (he also supervised the security arrangements for Mikhail Gorbachev). John Taylor – is one of the operation managers in response against actions of mailing of anthrax in the early 2000s. And there are many other not ordinary persons. Fate would have it so happened that dozens of leading experts in the field of national security and special operations from the United States, Britain, Latin America, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Poland and other countries for one year were United under the roof of one company. Peter Isaacs is one of the top officials in the UN in the sphere of fight against the international drug mafia for the sake of it even threw the leading post into “G4S”. During the last time the staff of firm began to work in Russia. According to the data of the PMCs in the RF they were engaged in gathering information about local Mafiosi. Then former scouts from around the world gathered information on criminal organizations in Russia, Georgia and Ukraine. For certain leading oil and gas corporations “TorchStone Page” conducted research in Ukraine concerning reliability of “the perspective partner”, and also concerning “potential risk of reputation and responsibility”[13].

Think about why the authorities of the Russian Federation allowed to freely gathering information on their territory? In Ukraine, of course, was the ongoing crisis in all spheres of life of society, but what hindered «to the defender of Russians” to stop the blatant intelligence and analytical work of such powerful corporation? Why this military-intelligence company started to work so actively in the CIS countries and the most important what forced “the leading oil and gas companies” to employ such a large PMC, to study the situation in Ukraine?

We cannot ignore the activities of the Ukrainian PMC “Artan” that is closely linked to the Russian-Ukrainian company «Furkan defense industry». And the latter, in its turn, is closely linked with the Turkish business. There is exact information on the nature of participation of the Turkish partners in this business, but it is possible to assume that the Turkish branch of the company is an agent for offshore sales.

The company “Furkan Defense” sells various types of weapons mostly based on Ukrainian technology of the last twenty years. Firstly, these are the tanks of domestic developers, such as “Bulat” and “Yatagan”, Mi-24 helicopters, old air defense missile system and other equipment. The main thing is that it is possible to produce these arms only by means of the Ukrainian developments. I.e. at a time when there is war and official propaganda is choking in hurrah – patriotic frenzy, the private military and industrial firms sell weapons of exclusively domestic producers. Where there are capacities of these enterprises it isn’t known, as well as the features of the work of “Furkan Defense” company. Secondly, if the Russian Federation can theoretically sell tanks and helicopters, assault rifle, rifles and pistols of the company “Fort” can only sell a business connected with the Ukrainian industry. Let’s remember that the “Fort” is a manufacturer of all premium weapons for military personnel and the staff of institutions of force of Ukraine! The third feature of the assortment of “Furkan Defense” is the old weapon. Namely, the three-line Mosin rifles the models of 1891\1930, Mosin carbines the model of 1944, Nagant Revolvers the model of 1930, carbines Mauser mod. of 1898, Thompson submachine guns the model of 1928, SKS carbines and rifles SVT. I.e. the company sells a large number of weapons during the Second World War and ammunition to it. Where is made this weapon? We assume that these weapons aren’t made anywhere, and rather are stored in the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior ministry of Ukraine. The residents of Ukraine well know the name of such settlement as Novobohdanivka. Every summer with an enviable regularity, due to the high temperature of environment in huge army warehouses in Novobohdanivka explosions occurred. Draw your own conclusions.

The war isn’t waged only for the purpose of achievement of a victory over the opponent for a long time. If the war dragged on – it instantly becomes a means to make a fortune. It is necessary to understand. War has ceased to be political and actually military business; it is primarily manufacturing and economic process.

Another example of the internationalization of capital can serve a private military company «Rokada». This company started to work since the 90s, now is an international organization, the core of which consists of the former officers of various security agencies of the USSR and the Russian Federation, it is managed by German managers, and the company operates in the interests of the various multinational corporations including Chinese corporations. The staff of “Rokada” provides security to the biggest oil companies in Iraq and other countries. I.e., these are the companies who are interested in the extraction of shale gas in Ukraine. At the same time the contractors of PMC “Rokada” provide security of a hotel houses chain “Sovinyon” in Odessa,[14] restaurants and other facilities of the company Eurocity[15] (the owner of a chain of restaurants and fast food “Evrohata”). The most interesting thing about this is that the company belongs to the Russian business. I.e. the Russian PMCs work in the interests of those economic unions which act, conditionally speaking, for “European integration” of Ukraine and oppose the military-political position of Russia.

Above we have shown only some examples of how confusing and contradictory are the interests of the countries and international companies. National “registration” of this or that company absolutely tells nothing about its interests.

For the months of crisis we were fed so diligent with false information that we learned to be more willing to believe in fairy tales than to look at what happens under our very nose. Everyman rather believe that somewhere in the East are fighting Russian mercenaries from the PMC “Orthodoxy plus Kadyrov Company”, or PMC “American hawks-the bounty hunters” than that in a block from his house, in a rented basement under the sign “Services of the Lawyer” lies a representation of really powerful and capable of unprecedented destruction Corporation.

PMCs are not armies, and, as you can see, to track their activities is much more difficult. It’s promptly available to examine at best only the tip of the iceberg. So now you should understand that at this moment tens or even hundreds of commercial military agencies conduct known so far only to them and their customers game. While you read this text, the staff of these organizations carries out someone’s orders of which we have no idea. Perhaps only years later we will find out what was the true role of these or those “mercenaries” in the Ukrainian crisis.

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