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Russia | En Russie, business (presque) as usual

Alors que s’ouvre jeudi le Forum économique de Saint-Pétersbourg, le « Davos » russe, les entrepreneurs étrangers sont loin d’avoir déserté un pays en proie à la récession et durement touché par les sanctions occidentales. Certains d’entre eux jugent même le moment idéal pour faire des affaires.

UK | Commander of Kiev “volunteer battalion” and 7 men arrested on charges of rape and torture

Ruslan Onyshchenko, the commander of the Tornado Volunteer Battalion of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior and seven of his men were arrested on June 17 accused of rape and torture. In turn, the men accused the Luhansk Oblast police chief Anatoly Naumenko (an authority in the Kiev controlled part of Luhansk) of running a protection racket for smuggling cast iron from rebel occupied territory and said that the arrest is linked to those accusations. This case gives a glimpse into the brutal methods used by the volunteer battalions, composed of far right thugs and criminal elements, as well as the corruption of officials at all levels.  The “Tornado” Battalion, based in Lysychansk, Luhansk, was set up originally in June 2014 under the name of Shakhtarsk (the name of a city in Donetsk) and was made up of criminal elements from the region, former convicts, according to the Kyiv Post, which at the time was glorifying these “patriots”. Some members of the fascist Right Sector and Spilna Sprava (Common Cause) also joined. For a period of time the battalion was linked to far right Oleg Lyashko, of the Radical Party. In October 2014 the battalion was disbanded as accusations of looting against the local population in Volnovakha and other places. However, the battalion was quickly reformed under the new name of Tornado. The Battalion, like the other volunteer units fighting Kiev’s “anti-terrorist operation” in the Donbass, is under the authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Ukraine | The Military Prosecutor of Ukraine told the horrible atrocities of the battalion “Tornado” and read the testimony of witnesses

June 20 Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios on channel 112 broadcast spoke about the atrocities to the prisoners by the soldiers engaged in battalion “Tornado”.
Among other things, they used a stun gun, dousing with cold water, and sexual perversion of incredible sadism.
Prosecutor’s speech: video https://youtu.be/-004k6eenVo
Text: http://vesti-ukr.com/donbass/104244-matios-v-prjamom-jefire-rasskazal-uzhasy-o-zverstvah-batalona-tornado
Matios said that the evidences of the crimes have been obtained in perfectly correct form. All the evidences are recorded by the investigating judge to audio and video.
Tortures were held in the basement of the school Privolye city of Luhansk region.
At the moment, for the organization of torture are arrested eight executioners led by the commander of “Tornado” Ruslan Onishchenko. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov signed the decree to disband the battalion, all of its soldiers lack the status of full-time employees of the MVD.
In response to the arrest other officers and solders of the battalion blocked themselves at their base at the Lisichansk and stated that in the case of approaching them of the investigating authorities, they open fire.
Neighborhoods Ukrainian security forces cordoned off the base. Additional units of government troops, including armored vehicles reinforced are concentrated near Lisichansk.
For its part, “Tornado” militants mined the approaches to the base and organized defense with the use of automatic grenade launchers and other weapons, as well as mined vehicles. According Matios, fighters “Tornadoes” refuse to disarm.
Attempt to dissolve the government “Tornado” displeased the Ukrainian nationalists and fascists. According to them any methods are good to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Ukraine | Tax Police of Ukraine declared war upon the destruction of the last all-Ukrainian opposition newspaper

June 18, editorial office of the Ukrainian newspaper “Vesti” was occurred by searches. This is the third search after the coup. “Vesti” reported: “Early in the morning a few dozen people broke into the editorial office, they presented themselves as a tax police, but did not show any documents. Tax officers broke the door, broke all safes. The work of editorial office was completely blocked. The editor’s lawyers and attorneys of “Vesti” also were not allowed to enter. They were forced to stand in front of closed doors, all requests to let them or at least to provide the documents – the invaders left without response”.
After the start of the search State Tax Service said that the search was carried out in the case of tax evasion. This case was initiated in April 2014, but according to the owners of the newspaper in August already felt apart – investigative actions have not been conducted since then.
Two weeks before the raid media holding 242 personnel were summoned for questioning by the tax police. Moreover, the tax authorities do not stand on ceremony – the summonses were presented over the weekend, late at night, they called the relatives of journalists and pressed them.
After the search, the tax authorities took with them all the laptops including those belonged to journalists, proofreaders, designers and photographers personally. Also, the server, voice recorders, flash drives have been taken off. Employees were forced to prepare the next issue of the newspaper “Vesti” at home.
According to “Vesti”, armed paramilitaries were ready to block newspaper office after the search, but public information made in time had foiled plans of thugs.