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Arménie : lancement de l’opération « Maïdan tarifaire »

Une désagréable impression de déjà vu …

L’Arménie est aujourd’hui confrontée à la technologie du Maïdan. Des milliers de manifestants dans les rues, qui reviennent toujours, drapeaux européens en main avec le drapeau arménien, très bien organisés, avec des revendications illogiques. Mais peu importe, il faut occuper le terrain et déstabiliser le pouvoir. Retour sur évènement.

Ukraine | CoE Venice Commission Head Markert to EuroFora:Check crucial Ukraine Constitution Reform on June 14?

*Strasbourg/CoE/Angelo Marcopolo/- CoE’s Officials expect from Kiev to send Tomorrow a set of crucial Draft Constitutional Amendments which could provide a Key for a Peaceful compromise Solution to the Tragic on-going Conflict at South-Eastern, mainly Russian-speaking, Regions of Ukraine, in order to be hopefully adopted by the PanEuropean Organisation’s watchdog for Democracy and Human Rights through Constitutional Law, known as “Venice Commission”, during its forthcoming Plenary Session in the Middle of June, revealed Today to “EuroFora” the experienced Director of that CoE’s prestigious body, composed mainly by Top Jurists, University Professors and/or Constitutional Courts’ specialized Judges from all over the entire European Continent and even well beyond, Thomas Markert.

Poll finds Nato’s Europeans wary of Russia confrontation

Poll finds Nato’s Europeans wary of Russia confrontation
By Bridget Kendall
Diplomatic correspondent
10 June 2015

Public opinion in some European countries could be reluctant to support collective defence for fellow Nato members if they were to be attacked by Russia, according to a new international survey.
The report by the Pew Research Center – a non-partisan US think-tank based in Washington DC – surveyed attitudes in North America and across Europe as well as Ukraine and Russia to assess public attitudes towards the current Ukraine crisis.
This is by no means the first opinion poll on the current crisis in East-West relations. But it is a major survey of opinion which covers a range of countries.
Among Western allies, it includes Europe’s six largest Nato members (France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK) as well as the United States and Canada.
While some of its findings are in keeping with other recent surveys, it also throws up what may be noteworthy trends.
Use of force
What is particularly striking is the reluctance among many of those surveyed in Europe to get drawn into a deeper military conflict with Russia – either in Ukraine, or elsewhere on European soil.
Perhaps the most interesting finding is in answer to the question: “If Russia got into a serious military conflict with one of its neighbouring countries which is a Nato ally, should our country use force to defend it?”
This relates to a core principle of Nato’s founding treaty of 1949, the “Article Five” which states that: “An armed attack on one… shall be considered an attack against them all”.
This is the prime reason that small countries on Russia’s periphery, like the three tiny Baltic states, sought Nato membership.
The commitment to collective security was a guarantee they were anxious to secure, so that they would not find themselves on their own if their fears of possible Russian military interference were ever realised.
Yet according to this sample of public opinion in six of Nato’s biggest countries in Europe, support for actually implementing this collective security pledge is lukewarm to say the least.

USA | Ukraine Is In Crisis. Here’s Why the West Can’t Save It

Alexander Reed Kelly on June 9, 2015 – 3:36PM ET
Nearly a year and a half after the Euromaidan protests ushered a new government into power in Kiev, Ukraine is still in trouble. Some 6,200 people have been killed, more than 15,000 wounded, and 1.2 million internally displaced in a civil war that had by mid-March, according to the new president, Petro Poroshenko, destroyed “around 25 percent of the country’s industrial potential.”

Italy | UN G7 schizophrénique par Giulietto Chiesa


Giulietto Chiesa – PandoraTV.it


Nous assistons actuellement à un G7 en Allemagne totalement défensif et même par certains aspects, schizophrénique.