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Ukraine | The Local Council in Odessa Voted to Perpetuate the Memory of the May 2nd massacre victims

The City Council decided to perpetuate the memory of the victims of May 2
71 local deputies of Odessa City Council June 10 voted for the decision to perpetuate the memory of victims on May 2 in Odessa.
Here is the text of the document in full:
“May 2, 2014 in Odessa, there was a terrible tragedy – because of political differences there was bloodshed, people died…
Extremism took over humanity in the multi-ethnic and multicultural Odessa, which has always prided itself on its tolerance and tolerance.
Only giving a proper formal political and legal assessment of the events on May 2, we will be able to stabilize the socio-political relations and achieve moral healing of society from the terrible stress, to prove the irreversibility of the process of democratization, to forestall the possibility of a repetition of this kind of tragedy.
In order to perpetuate the memory of the innocent victims of the tragedy May 2, 2014, guided by the ideals of humanism and social justice, defending human and civil rights from the standpoint of human values, in accordance with Articles 25 and 26 of the Law of Ukraine “On local government in Ukraine», Odessa City Council
1. memorialize the victims of the tragedy that occurred on May 2, 2014 in Odessa.
2. To instruct the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Odessa city council to determine the possible form to commemorate victims of the tragedy and to submit its proposals for consideration by the city council.
3. Control over execution of this resolution to assign to the standing committee on education, culture, sports and interaction with civil society organizations. ”

Ukraine | “Financial Maidan” blocked important highway in Western Ukraine

financianal-maidan-blocked-important-highway-in-Western-Ukraine According to Ukrainian media at June 8 protest actions known as “currency maidan” were held in several places. Protesters are people who took out loans in foreign currency. After the coup in 2014 there was a sharp depreciation of the hryvnia against the dollar and the euro, as well as reduced incomes as a result of the economic crisis. Holders of foreign currency loans can not pay and require to be allowed to pay the loans at the exchange rate existed at the moment of the loan. As the government and the parliament did not support the proposal, people took to the protest. Protests were held in Odessa, Transcarpathian and Rivne region. In the Transcarpathian and Rivne region the protesters blocked the international highway Kyiv-Chop for a few hours. The total number of protesters was about 300 people.

Hungary | NATO’s military hardware crossing Ukrainian state boundary from Hungarian side

NATO-military-hardware-crossing-Ukrainian-boundary Hungarian web-site published photos of military hardware crossing Ukrainian state boundary from Hungarian side at Záhony. It crossed the boundary at July 9 and consists from old hardware used in Central European countries in Soviet time. According to site’s editor they asked Hungarian authorities to explain this fact but have not get an answer yet. It looks like open military support from NATO to Kiev regime.