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S’inspirer du modèle hongkongais pour résoudre la crise ukrainienne

Le traité concédant le territoire de Hong-Kong aux autorités britanniques pour une durée de 99 ans, un modèle de résolution possible de la crise ukrainienne ?

Alors que le coût politique et économique du conflit dans l’est de l’Ukraine ne cesse d’augmenter (sans évoquer les souffrances endurées par les populations vivant dans l’est de l’Ukraine et, dans une moindre mesure, en Crimée), la nécessité de trouver une solution à la crise ukrainienne devient de plus en plus pressante. Dans cette brève contribution à la recherche d’une solution, je propose d’envisager entre la Russie et l’Ukraine la signature d’un bail comparable à celui ayant conduit à la cession territoriale de l’île de Hong Kong au Royaume Uni pour une durée de 99 ans entre 1898 et 1997.

Belgium | Rally against bloodshed in the Donbass held in Strasbourg

Near the building of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the meeting began with a demand to stop the bloodshed in the Donbass.
As revealed Last news participant of the picket Elena Yordanova, the action is to talk about what is happening in Ukraine.
” We want to hear us local population, ” She said.
” We are here to explain to everyone here living the French or German there (Ukraine) is because in the media that do not, ” She added.
According to the participants of the action, ” it is Like a snowball: when We started 3 weeks ago, nobody was there, and now we only organizers – 20 people “. She recalled that in mid-September in Strasbourg was already held the demonstration in defense of the Russian-speaking residents of Donbas and end the war.
” The current rally will continue the movement and more and more people we support, ” She said, adding that ” on the 1st demonstration of citizens went to work, afraid to Express their opinion “.
One of the founders of the campaign said that ” We’ve reached a resolution on 3 months on the placement of the tent city “.” We demand a fair investigation of the tragedy in Odessa and stop the genocide of the Russian population in Ukraine “, – he said.” Until 22 December’ll sit here and picketing “, – concluded the head of the Department.

Germany | Yatsenyuk’s Ukrainian His-Story and Merkel’s Sound of Silence

During an appearance on the German State-owned TV channel ARD on January 8, 2015, Ukrainian PM Arseny Yatsenyuk interpreted the advance of Soviet troops via the German occupied Ukraine and toward the German capital Berlin in 1945 as “the USSR’s attack on Ukraine and Germany”. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and German government officials wouldn’t comment on Yatsenyuk’s view of history. That said, both WWII, Ukrainian and German history is more his-story than history, regardless whose narrative is concerned.