Location Ukraine Ukraine

The court in Odessa

November 27th Primorsky Court of Odessa began hearing a case regarding participants of the events in the center of the city on May 2nd. 24 people have been accused. All of them are either supporters of antimaidan movement or people who did not take part in the fighting.

Concluding part of the indictment makes it clear that the defendats are charged with, among other things, murder of antimaidan supporters – E. Losinsky, G. Petrova, A. Zhulkova, N. Javorskoy.
So the concept has not changed. It was already stated once that the people who died in Trade Union Building have set themselves on fire. Now, as it turns out, people killed during the fight on Grecheskaya St. have been murdered by their comrades too. And all of this despite numerous photo and video evidence that shows that this was work of Maidan supporters.
Cynicism of this Regime, it seems, has no limits.

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