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By Yu. Komov

In our assessment of the situation in Ukraine, we proceed from a few fundamental propositions.

Firstly, euromaydan in Kiev has reactionary character, because in the head of the movement originally stood political forces focused on extreme forms of Ukrainian nationalism. They were not politically independent and focused on promoting the interests of European and American imperialism. The working classes, who came out to protest against the regime of Yanukovich, were simply used the reactionary bourgeois-nationalist forces in their favor.

Secondly, as a result, in February 2014 in Ukraine was not the victory of the bourgeois-democratic upheaval and the reaction upheaval, which arose as a result of the mode based on the alliance of big business and the Nazis. The process of fascistization in Ukraine, which is still not finished, but steadily gaining momentum.

Беспорядки в Одессе

Third, as a result of the February upheaval, Ukraine plunged into civil war. Responsibility for its unleashing entirely the responsibility of the new government-established after the overthrow of Yanukovich. South-eastern regions of Ukraine were concerned about the threat posed by the victory of the new government for their cultural and historical traditions, and were opposed to European integration. For this reason, the start of mass protests against the new government. Rather than start a dialogue with the protesters, the new regime has resorted to the stigmatization of opponents, confrontation and conversation with a position of strength. Thus, it has provoked a rebellion in the east of the country on April 5-6. Beginning of the uprising prompted Kiev to seek dialogue and compromise, but rather stimulated the further stigmatization of the enemy, who for no reason accused of terrorism, and the beginning of the so-called «anti-terrorist operation.» Even now, after all the horrors of war, Minsk, Kiev agreements are considered as a temporary tactical respite which should be used not for starting a dialogue, and for preparing for a new offensive.

Opponents of stigmatization manifested in official propaganda for the deprivation of their human appearance. In the everyday life of the regime widely included terms such as «Colorado», «quilted», «terrorists». Any requirement to introduce in Ukraine federal structure equates to separatist propaganda. Prime Minister A.Yatsenyuk July 15, went even further and equated with separatism any protest on the social soil. Official propaganda systematically shifts the responsibility for the crimes of the regime on the victims. So, after the massacre of May, 2 in Odessa, government-controlled media replicated version according to which the House of Trade Unions’ terrorists themselves burned. «Barbaric bombardment of the central area of Lugansk, perfect Ukrainian aviation June ,2 was presented as the result of «homing missiles terrorists for the air conditioner.» All summer APU did not stop shelling of towns and villages of the Donbass plants «Grad», but the government media portrayed the strikes as these excesses of terrorists who allegedly beat on its own positions to blame Kiev. Stigmatization continues to nowadays.

Тела погибших 2-го мая в результате пожара в Доме профсоюзов на Куликовом поле в Одессе

In words, the anti-people regime Kiev often promises that investigates crimes committed by his supporters in the spring and summer of 2014, but in practice, strongly inhibits and distorts the course of the investigation. So, still have not found

 who were unknown snipers, making a February 20 massacre at Instytutska-street in Kiev. Objective investigation strongly inhibited and the entire blame for trying to put the «Berkut». Meanwhile, the shooting was beneficial Maydan leaders: they were able to raise the crowd to storm the government quarter and achieved the overthrow of Yanukovich. A number of evidence indicates that the snipers had no relation to the forces of Yanukovich, however, this evidence destroyed or ignored. The same applies to the massacre on May 2 in Odessa. On this day, the Nazis, supporting the new government, burned alive and beaten to death more than 40 people. Official figures state that the death toll in Odessa is 48 people, but some unofficial estimates brings the death toll to 116. The question of the number of dead remains open, as the Interior Ministry is still (!) did not publish the official list of victims.

Беспорядки в Одессе

To elucidate the causes of the tragedy created several public commissions, but the prosecutor’s office, police and intelligence agencies refused to cooperate with them. As a result, the final report was able to produce only the commission of the Supreme Council of Ukraine. However, with the publication of the report was falsified: it was removed from the indications of the involvement of the supporters of the new government to the organization of the massacre. The official investigation by the Odessa case is not yet complete, but is being very based. It was already three cases when against supporters of the new government were found irrefutable evidence of participation in the massacre of people. However, all three suspects after a brief arrest were released. Meanwhile, opponents of the new government, detained at the mall «Athena», are still in custody. They are kept in custody in the territory of the Vinnytsia region, although no murders they did not commit. It is very significant for the characteristics of the modern Ukrainian justice. In fact, it now does not punish the guilty, and covers the anti-popular regime agents.

Unleashed by the oligarchs and fascists war is accompanied by numerous offenses as against an armed enemy, and in relation to the civilian population. Thus, the Ukrainian army systematically shelled towns and villages of the Donbass plants «Grad», despite the fact that the installation of «Grad» designed to destroy enemy personnel in the open field and use them to destroy settlements prohibited. Beginning with the siege Slavyansk APU used to bombard cities incendiary and cluster bombs. Recently, the use of incendiary bombs, recorded on October 4 during the shelling of Donetsk. A characteristic feature of the armed forces of the regime of Kiev — a mockery of the prisoners of war. During the period of the armistice of the Minsk authorities DNR and LC repeatedly indicated that their fighters returned from the captivity with traces of severe beatings, with multiple fractures.


Returning prisoners tell of torture and abuse on the part of the National Guard, the «Right Sector» and often regular military units. Another crime — the torture and killing of civilians. So, after the liberation of the Ukrainian troops village Lower Pitcher (south Yenakievo) DNI authorities discovered some graves with the bodies of civilians, including women and young people who have been bullied to death and raped. Among the dead across the body with internal organs seized. Some of these facts already documented by the OSCE mission. However, evidence continues to new and new graves. Should be noted that the facts of abuse of the Ukrainian army soldiers, who were captured by the militia, the official propaganda in September has not released despite the continued policy of stigmatization. In addition, enter information about the looting of civilians by the so-called territorial volunteer battalions. Some of them are engaged in kidnapping civilians. In respect of the battalion «Aydar» fact of kidnapping certified organization «Amnesty International».

Kiev also commits crimes against its own soldiers. Command completely indifferent to the Logistics soldiers allocated funds for this purpose are often stolen. In the case of the death of a soldier commanders often refuse to pick up the dead bodies from the battlefield. MAT command shows indifference to the issue of the exchange of corpses. Statistics losses in the ranks of the APU carefully classified, the bodies of the dead is erratic, many of them are buried anonymously, and mothers who are looking for their sons, announced that they were deserters. Under various pretexts, combatants are denied adequate legal status, as a result they may not be eligible for benefits. In essence, the new regime treats its soldiers as cannon fodder.

Information policy regime became established after the February upheaval, based on the aggressive nationalist propaganda and tends to establish the full information monopoly. Almost all of the major media now controlled by supporters of the regime and broadcast his views. Russian TV channels in Ukraine have been disabled. The few media that regime could not be brought under control, are under pressure. So a few times there were attacks on the office of the opposition newspaper «Vesti». The latter was organized on September, 11 by the Security Service of Ukraine. Searched simultaneously subjected typography in which the newspaper is printed. Opposition websites are periodically subjected to massive hacking attacks and sometimes for several days can not resume work. Activists of euromaydan inhibit the activities of journalists opposition media. For example, recent events: in Odessa on September, 18 supporters attacked the journalist Maydan opposition website «Infocenter» VD. Allegedly because he photographed the numbers of their cars. But they did not become him to deal, and passed to the police. However, the Ukrainian media ignore such cases and do not give them public, although in times of Yanukovich reported regularly on the work of journalists slightest obstacle.

The majority of Ukrainian mass media is no condemnation of virtually open calls in the country to introduce censorship. For example, October 2, the deputy head of information-analytical center of the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine Vladimir Polevoy said: «In the information space should be restricted to specific topics in order to ensure national security … We need to be ready to change the scope to change the rules of the game, to change legislation . This work is carried out, it is not easy. «

Meanwhile, the process of deepening fascist regime. Advantage of the respite, which was created by the Minsk agreement for him, the regime has withdrawn from the combat zone volunteer battalions manned by Nazis, and proceeded to the suppression of the last vestiges of resistance in the rear. First of all, the regime engaged in the suppression of mass protests in Kharkov. Kharkiv was the last city in Ukraine, where the open were mass anti-government rallies. To put the end to them, in Kharkiv were brought force «Azov» and a number of other fascist groups. In the city were introduced armored vehicles and with their help the fascist formation began to patrol the city streets. September 27 in Kharkov was dispersed anti-war rally, which organized the Communist Party of Ukraine. About 20 organizers of the rally were arrested. September, 28 Nazis destroyed a statue of Lenin in the main square of the city. Kharkiv heroically protected monument since March of this year, but this time did not dare to come out in his defense, since the enemy was armed. Moreover, the organizers of the riots in Kharkov directly threatened citizens repetition Odessa massacre. Immediately after the destruction of the monument to the Kharkiv police opened a criminal case on the removal of the monument, but by order of the Minister of the Interior, it was immediately closed. September 29 near the destroyed monument pedestal gathered several hundred outraged citizens. They were attacked by the Nazis. According to reports in the riots in Kharkiv at the hands of the Nazis, killing two people. One of them was killed on the night of 29 September 30, with cruelty.


Fascization of Ukrainian society manifests itself in ever deeper penetration of the Nazis to the state authorities. Thus, the commander of «Azov» Andrew Biletsky got promoted to lieutenant colonel of militia, though never in it did not serve. Meanwhile, the leader of the organization is Biletsky «Patriot of Ukraine», which openly proclaims looks identical to German Nazism. Active supporters of the new government have the right to bear arms in time of peace without regard to their political views.

Penetration of the fascists in the state power to actively contribute to the participants in the parliamentary elections to be held on October 26th. In the lists of the main favorites of the race included candidates fascists. So, on the list of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko the Supreme Council are running a racist Igor Mosiychuk and battalion commander «Aydar» Sergey Melnichuk, war crimes, which recognized even Western human rights activists. Not without fascist public and lists block Poroshenko. His party cared for in their ranks the sixth number Air Force. Colonel Yulia Mamchur who participated in air raids on the city of the Donets Basin, seventh got writer Maria Matios, which once roasted egg on the eternal fire. At the eleventh position of the former centurion «trident named Bandera» Stepan Ack, now governing the Ministry of Education. Turchinov and Yatsenyuk created an electoral block, which was called «Popular Front.» They themselves are guilty of the blood of the Ukrainian people, and therefore invited the same. The lists that block a member of the «Right Sector» and the battalion commander, «Dnepr-1» Yuriy Birch, a veteran of the fascist organization UNA-UNSO Tatiana Chornovil executioner Odessa Andrey Parubiy (formerly one of the founders of the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine) and a number of others.

October 14, the Supreme Council of Ukraine to consider recognition of OUN-UPA belligerent in World War II and the ban of the communist ideology. The bill was prepared by the MPs from the party «Freedom» in the fall of 2013. He suggests a ban on all areas of Marxist thought from Stalinists to Trotskyists.

In general, we believe that established after the overthrow of the Yanukovich government committed numerous crimes in the territory of Ukraine. It flagrantly violates human rights and freedoms. It forms the basis for setting a frankly fascist regime. And if the European Union does not change its policy, will not abandon the support of Kiev, he will have to share the responsibility for both current and for future crimes Ukrainian fascists.

Ситуация в Славянске

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