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Polish prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against the Ukrainian students

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Poland is one of the EU countries, which fully supports current Kiev authorities. In this case, no evidence of relying this authorities on the far right, or more simply,- fascist forces do not impress anyone in Poland. As long as the events take place in Ukraine. But as soon as the first pro-fascist peep was heard on the territory of Poland itself, it was followed by a clear and quite understandable reaction.

It turns out that official Warsaw is aware of the true nature of political forces who have come to power in a coup in Ukraine. It turns out that, together with its NATO allies Poland leads adventurist policy that includes flirting with neo-Nazis. Well, history repeats itself. Myopia is transmitted genetically …

Red and black banners with Trident, which are used by «Right Sector», have originally been an attribute of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. And there was development scandal surrounding photo shoot of Ukrainian students who study at the university of Polish Przemysl. Prosecutor’s Office, at the request of the public, opened a criminal case on the promotion of fascism against the young people who shot themselves on the background of the flag in October.


Pictures were uploaded to the site of the University, and they raised a wave of indignation across the country immediately. People, in particular, resented the fact that students from Ukraine, studying under grants of Warsaw, ie Polish taxpayers money, glorify UIA fighters, who has written one of the bloodiest pages of a history of the state — Volyn massacre. Experts still differ on the number of victims of the terrible events of 1943, according to provisional calculations there were killed from 30 to 80 thousand people. University administration had been demanded to expel participants of photographing, but the rector’s office contented themselves with condemnation now.


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