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In Ukraine are the people who are talking seriously about what the United States and the EU «should assess extremist groups Maidan.» From whom and what they are waiting for the evaluation? McCain, who spoke at the Independence with inflammatory speech? Or from the ladies, gave alms there as biscuits? Independence for the United States and the European Union — an instrument in the geopolitical game against Russia. So what grade they can give? We must call things by their names: «extremists» — a neo-fascists, and whatever squeal so-called «united opposition» to view Maidan, what is happening in Ukraine, may result in a fascist coup.

Creeping coup takes a long time. In the western regions it actually happened: the central government and the laws are not recognized, creating parallel authorities. Neo-fascists, the core components of aggressive coup, as the key to the consciousness of people use dense nationalism and their tactics is to slip the masses their nationalist goals, riding equitable social discontent of the masses the power of the oligarchs.

The current «leader» of the «right sector» Dmitry Jaros back in 2010, when he was the «chief commander» VO «Trident» name of Stepan Bandera, signed «Appeal to the Ukrainian people,» which was nothing more than a direct appeal to the coup «based on the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism.» In the «Address» objective «Trident» directly and formulated. There was also a call for the blocking of all authorities implemented now «right sector» under the guidance of the same Yarosh, but now calls himself Colonel Yarosh (lime, by the way, «Colonel»: in the army once served only 2 years!). Staff members of the SBU and the MVD in the «Address» was a call to refuse to carry out orders and instructions of the «Moscow puppets.»

All of these calls were not today, but soon after the election of President Viktor Yanukovych. Imbued with hatred for Russia «Appeal» Yarosh and all the activities of the paramilitary organization «Trident», even then, four years ago, objectively served the purpose of destruction of historical ties with Russia, violations have been established between them and the weakening of the economic chain as the one or the other country , that is, again, the geopolitical goals of the USA. This purpose, Ukrainian nationalists and fascists are their activities now.

Now, «Trident» is a «right sector» along with other units of nationalists, and «Ukraine — Ukrainians» — their motto, and under the Ukrainians, as well as Svoboda, «Right-wing sector» refers only ethnic Ukrainians, or rather, people Galicia and Volyn, historically and mentally isolated from the industrial south-east of Ukraine. It is no accident that Hitler’s Ukrainian SS division was called «Galicia»! It does not reach the same to someone in the head called traitors division, for example, «Donetsk region.»

It is inconceivable that the SBU, the Interior Ministry, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, and finally, the guarantor of the Constitution and laws — the President — were not aware of the activities in the country for 4 years paramilitary organization with a military structure, training and involvement of young people, like the Ultras. Conciliatory maneuvering President Viktor Yanukovych in the country actually reduced to indulging the most reactionary forces and led Ukraine to the current situation that threatens civil war.

Authority (in which she had a wonderful unity with the «united opposition», in whose hands were almost all media) persistently introduce in the minds of people, especially young people, the idea of ​​the inevitability of European integration. Unfortunately, this is a zombie largely failed. Even today many people in Ukraine are on the Maidan for «entered into Europe,» although they are not in the EU is simply not invited, and just say, will be in the EU in 20-30 years. It is not only economists but even the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine realized that the European integration threatens Ukraine complete economic collapse.

Only then Yanukovych «suddenly saw the light» and braked the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU. As a result, in the form of an abscess broke Maidan, where hellish tangle converged fair social demands of the masses, the contradictions between oligarchic clans fight for power, and proximity to the financial flows between the political groups and the pursuit of neo-Nazis to spread their ideology throughout the Ukraine. Here’s the handy Yarosh with his paramilitary «right quadrant» and rabid militants. In this situation, the expectation that the United States and the European Union will appreciate the danger of fascism in Ukraine and help get rid of it (and such hope someone gives), represented political short-sightedness, if not blindness.

And one way out: the organization of a mass anti-fascist front and a peaceful demonstration of his power at least in the South-East of Ukraine. In this case, for the Ukrainian economy clearance is seen only in the way of community with the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan to Armenia joins them, and even a small Gagauzia was able to demonstrate its will to join the Customs Union. Are citizens of Ukraine will not be able to repel fascism and avoid the colonial fate?


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