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Ukrainian radicals attempt to disrupt a lecture at the Complutense University of Madrid, dedicated to the humanitarian disaster in the Ukraine, failed: Students expelled Bandera vzashey. From 7 to 23 October in Madrid’s Complutense University at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology is a series of events dedicated to the situation in Ukraine, in particular — the photo exhibition «Odessa Hatyn» and «humanitarian catastrophe of Donbass», as well as a series of lectures for the students.

During one of his lectures on the tragic events of May 2 in Odessa Sergey Markhel whose photographs are presented in part at the exhibition «Odessa Hatyn» in a lecture hall broke into a few people with flags of Ukraine, «Freedom» party and organization «Trident».
According Markhel radicals have declared that they will not allow holding lectures, occasionally shouting «Glory to Bandera,» «Glory to the Heroes!» And not allowing teachers to prepare for a lecture. On the requirements to retire radicals reacted stating that they will determine what to do and who to listen to the Spaniards, and not allow some to denigrate the university «Right sector», accusing him of the murder of activists civilians Odessa. During a brief skirmish between the students verbally and Ukrainian activists from the audience gathered about 400 people. Students force radicals pushed out of the building and campus under the approving shouts of students. As the trophy was captured by the Ukrainian flag painted on it esesovskimi runes, which is said by witnesses, was perturbed by the Spaniards burnt in front of representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy — told Markhel.


  1. Alexander:

    I wander, that the spanish people has care about fate of our people (im from RUS, but UCR is my relatives). U R The heroes. Good luck mans. I cant beleave in it, but it is true.
    You know, that in all separafter republics of USSR was an henocide? All Russian language people must to be deportated. I have one friend,whos family goes by from Adygeya republic becose those people slighted it.

    Somthing wrong to this world.


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