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Photo exhibitions in Europe: Krakow

On the 5th of September, in Krakow, photo exhibition «Donbass: humanitarian disaster in the South-East of Ukraine» was opened. According to organizer of the exhibition, most of the shots are professional photos of military photojournalists and work of killed in the South-East of Ukraine photojournalist of IIA «Russia Today» Andrey Stenin. He was killed on the 6th of August in the Donetsk region. Column of refugees, where was a photojournalist, was fired by Ukrainian soldiers. On the 5th of September journalist was buried at the Troekurov cemetery in  Moscow. «The photo exhibition was arranged in three rooms. The first room photos tell about the tragedy in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa on the second of May, in the next two halls there are photos from the south-east of Ukraine: Donetsk, Lugansk and other cities,» — one of the organizers of the exhibition, member of the coordinating Board of public Organization «Kulikovo Field» Oleg Muzyka said.

According to him, «These pictures show clearly and impartially all the tragedy of what is happening now in the Donbass — death, ruined cities, evacuation of refugees to Russia. It is a demonstration of the special «love» of the Ukrainian government to the people. The pictures show destroyed homes of local residents, the attacks of «Grads», phosphorous bombs, funerals, flight of children from war» — told Muzyka.

The exhibition is dedicated to 100 days of Poroshenko’s being a president of Ukraine. The organizers, Polish anti-fascist organization «Ukrainian Committee», plans to emphasize what turned presidential peace plan for residents of South-East of the country, who in the past three and a half months were in the midst of terrible humanitarian disaster.

«Even Russophobe Poland is shocked by the humanitarian disaster in Donbass» — have  already written in social networks. In late August, the representative of the Donetsk People’s Republic in Russia Andrey Rodkin and government of Lugansk, said that in the east of Ukraine there is «still a humanitarian catastrophe». OSCE and the Russian Red Cross also described the situation as a «humanitarian catastrophe».

At the same time Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said that NATO and the European Union should give Ukraine military and technical support. «We believe that we need strong response of both NATO and the EU in two areas: the containment of Russia by the sanctions, as well as general and comprehensive military-technical support to Ukraine,» — said the president of Poland.

Opposite to Komorovski’s point of view was expressed by former Polish President Lech Walesa. According to him, restrained position of EU on the military assistance to Ukraine is correct and quite understandable. He expressed confidence that European military aid to Ukraine can result in beginning of a nuclear war between Russia and NATO countries.

This is not the first such exhibition held in Poland. However, the photo exhibition dedicated to the tragic events of May 2 in Odessa, suffered of holdups of Ukrainian Nationalists, led by the coordinator of the «Museum of the Maidan» in Warsaw Andrei Podgurski. Vandals damaged property and part of the exhibition galleries. Landlords were forced to abandon further exposure photographs because of threats of physical violence.

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