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Photo Exhibition «Odessa, 2nd May. Khatyn of the 21st century»

Lisbon, Portugal, 28/09/2014

 An exhibition devoted to tragic events happened this spring in Odessa, an Ukrainian city, started in the capital of Portugal. More than 40 people were burnt, officials said, in the Trade Union Building in Odessa on 2nd May.  However, eyewitnesses are sure that perished people were far more numerous, with their number exceeding 100.

 Sergei Markhel, a photographer, who watched  with his own eyes how the events developed, is of the same opinion. On the day when the exhibition opened in the center of Lisbon, he told about those terrible hours during which he had heard the yells of Odessites who had been killed and burnt alive in the building. The photos provided at the exhibition show the bodies of those who jumped out of burning windows and remained lying there beneath, those who were killed right on the spot by goons drunken from impunity, with tridents on their helmets.

 These photos were spread in many Europeen countries, including Portugal. The authorities of the country allowed showing the dreadful evidence to everybody who was interested in the truth. The security was assured by the authorities too; it is not a secret that radically oriented extremists tried to hamper an analogous undertaking in Poland when they poured dye on the materials of an exhibition and put up a fight. Lisbon police officers who visited professionally the exhibition were horrified themselves when they saw the photos presented. Two officers said they couldn’t remain indifferent to the crimes captured in the photos.

 Sergei Markhel is sure that the 2nd May events in Odessa were by no means a tragic accident, as the officials in Kiev try to present. He says, «it was a planned provocation» organized by the former superintendent of Maidan, Paruby, who became later the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine. Sergei tells, «the Right Sector had been in the Trade Union Building initially and people were dragged inside as sheep for the slaughter.» As of present, however, the only conclusion the authorities have been able to draw reduces to the statement that «people burnt themselves.»

 The exhibition will take place in Lisbon till the beginning of October, after that it is to be continued in the neighboring Spain.

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