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Photo exhibition dedicated to events in the Donbass, was held in Istanbul

ANKARA, September 29 Exhibition «Mothers are for peace! The humanitarian disaster in the south-east of Ukraine», held at the Exhibition Hall of the Ministry of Transport of Turkey in Taksim Square in central Istanbul. The event was organized on the initiative and on private donations of people originating from the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine, who live in Istanbul now. «Right now, in the south-east of the country there is a humanitarian disaster. Thousands of civilians were killed by bullets and bombs punitive, tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes. The authorities ignore the truth about the situation in the south-eastern Ukraine. The world does not know about the scale of the disaster and destruction. This is call to Kiev to stop the genocide of their own people, «- the organizer of the event Olga Kylych said.

» Exposition attracted particular attention of foreign tourists. They say that in their country there is practically no reliable information about what is happening in Ukraine, and that they were unaware of what was going on there actually. Many of them have said that this exhibition, like ours, should continue at least another week to more people could see it», — Olga said.

According to the designer of the exhibition Igor Naumenko, there are not all available pictures exposed. «We presented 55 pictures of different authors — this personal photos from private archives, and photos of the Russian media. Many photos were not included in the exhibit for ethical reasons. We did not hang them, because it would limit the possibility of the exhibition, we would have to introduce to age qualification «- said Naumenko.

 Exhibitions, dedicated to the tragedy in Donbass, took place last summer in the largest cities of Europe. Thanks to demonstrate evidence of atrocities of Ukrainian neo-Nazis, many residents of the Old World supported the demand of anti-fascist organizations in Ukraine on the organization of an independent investigation of events on the second of May  in Odessa and war crimes in the south-east of the country, as well as the inclusion of a social movement «Right sector» into a list of extremist organizations. In front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, activists of antifascist organizations  collect signatures to the leadership of the European Union 24 hours every day.

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