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Exhibition about the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine was opened in the Austrian city Graz

On the 4 th of September, the largest city in Austria, the center of the federal state of Styria, despite the high risk of provocation, accepted the offer of public organizations and opened the photo exhibition «The humanitarian disaster in Ukraine.» Forum was organized by the representatives of the political education of the Styrian and Austrian-Russian companies in the federal states of Burgenland and Styria. Witnesses  from Mariupol, social activists of anti-fascist organizations and representatives of political parties were invited to opening of a photo exhibition . «We had a lot of journalists and guests, for whome this topic is very interesting.  Austrians are also crammed with local propaganda, and they see one-sided picture. In order to break the information blockade, we made this exhibition».

«The leitmotif of the discussion during the opening of the exhibition was the idea that all this nightmare must be stopped, — one of the organizers of the exhibition said. — When your house is burning, you must first put it out, and then sort out who has set fire to it, and who has stolen the TV».

 The debate held in a raised voice  sometimes — it was attended by members of the Ukrainian diaspora, who sometimes made exactly the opposite arguments.

Provocateur  broke to the exhibition in Graz, but was quickly neutralized. «It was an unfortunate incident, we would like not to talk about it».

According to the organizers, the constant provocations can’t stop them bring a photo exhibition in major European cities. Attempts to use violence  to the organizers of exhibitions by Ukrainian extremists aren’t uncommon.

In July, a group of radicals tried to arrange a raid on a Cultural Center «Ateneo» in Madrid, which housed the photo exhibition dedicated to the tragic events of May, 2 in Odessa. The same incident has been in Warsaw. Then supporters of Maidan intimidated  gallery owner with threats, promising raid, and she had to curtail exposure early. A similar exhibition was held two days earlier in Vienna during the pan-European «anti-fascist marathon.»

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