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Anti-fascist rally in the closing Film Festival in Venice

On the 6th of September, in Venice, in front of the Palazzo del Cinema, just before the awards ceremony to the winners of the 71st Venice Film Festival, demonstration of anti-fascist organizations and civil society activists took place. Organizers of the event —  the members of the Italian Federation of Trade Unions and the committee «For the anti-fascist Donbass» — said they wanted to stop the genocide of Russian population, which occurs in the south-eastern Ukraine, to draw public attention to the actions of Kiev authorities and violence in Donbass.

«We stand against fascism, against any war against the killings,» —  one of the organizers, Ukrainian journalist Sergei, said. More than 60 people who came to the rally with placards and banners, criticized the actions of Kiev authorities and Washington’s foreign policy. Activists handed out leaflets calling to stop the third world war, which is ignited in the south-eastern Ukraine.

«We,  the Italian anti-fascists, support protest against the war in the Donbass and we are against imperialist Europe. We want to break this wall of silence» — one of the protesters is quoted.

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Right in front of the red carpet, social activists have placed a poster with pictures already went round the world: photos of burned House of Trade Unions in Odessa, photo of results of  shelling Donetsk, photo of funerals of children killed by the Ukrainian militaries in  Semyonovka. Photo exhibition about the plight of civilians in the area of Ukrainian conflict, posters calling to stop the violence, collecting signatures on a resolution condemning the military action — everything has been agreed in advance, and even has got some understanding of the police.

«We believe that in the European media information blockade comes, it comes with a purpose — to misinform people. But now people are starting to realize that what happens in Ukraine, can’t be  far of most of Europe «- said one of the organizers of the event, a member of «Donbass anti-fascist» from Rome, uniting Russian, Ukrainians and Italians.

Also organizers showed two small films about events in Odessa and in Donbass, which  compared the events of World War II and the present day.

We must stress out the fact that Italian citizens call for a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine and provide all possible assistance to the victims not the first time. So, about a month ago in the capital of Italy a marathon for the collection of humanitarian and financial assistance to refugees from eastern Ukraine took place. The money was divided equally and sent to a refugee camp for the people from the East of Ukraine in Russian Rostov-on-Don, as well as in Palestine.

Famous Italian artist Banda Bassotti, which also took part in Sunday’s marathon, made contribute to collecting of humanitarian aid to refugees from the east of Ukraine too. To break the information blockade in the European media, the musicians are going to go to Eastern Ukraine and in a refugee camp in Russian Rostov-on-Don with concerts in the end of September. «Humanitarian convoy» will be started on the 26 th of September.

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