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On August 3 months old from the date of the terrible tragedy that took place in Odessa, where the neo-Nazis of the «right sector» burned alive in the House of Trade Unions, according to official figures, 48 activists «Antimaydan.»
Shares in the memory of the victims of the tragedy took place in Odessa on August 2 in Paris, Rome, Madrid, Brussels, Vienna, Warsaw, Dublin, Sofia, and other European cities near embassies and consulates in Ukraine, organized by local anti-fascist organizations.On August 3, the second month after the terrible tragedy that took place in Odessa, when the neo-Nazis of the «right sector» burned alive in the House of Trade Unions, according to official figures, 48 activists «Antimaydan.»voice of OdessaThe action took place in Odessa on the Kulikovo Field near the building of the House of Trade Unions. Chairman of the «Voice of Odessa» Svetlana Naboka told RIA Novosti that honor those who died were about a hundred people. «We have deployed a banner with pictures of the victims, activists came» Kulikovo Field «and said a few words about the victims of the tragedy. It was touching, people were crying, and tempered in air balloons flew in the House of Trade Unions, «- said the agency interlocutor.
She noted that the action had to cover a lot of Russian and Odessa channels.

«Women of Donbass» in Rome

In Rome, the action took place in one of the most crowded places, right in front of the Coliseum. The event was peaceful and it was agreed with the authorities of the capital.
Was organized by the Committee of the «Women of Donbass», the Italian movement of Communists and anti-fascists. The purpose of speech — attract the attention of the European public to the events taking place in Ukraine, a catalyst which, according to organizers of the action, was the tragedy of May 2 in Odessa.

According to the protesters, the authorities allowed the rally to draw no more than 20 people, but it’s more. People cheated exactly 48 black balls, the number of victims of the tragedy in Odessa, and released them into the air in memory of the dead. Gathered activists also held posters calling for peace in the Ukraine and demand to stop killing innocent people in the country.

«We always hope for the best, and now we see that changing people’s perception of the situation in Ukraine. They wake up and begin to see the truth. It gives us hope, «- told RIA Novosti one of the protesters.

Warsaw did not remain indifferent

The action took place in Poland in the heart of its capital city, near the Embassy of Ukraine. Participant, CEO of the European Centre for Geopolitical Analysis, activist Mateusz Piskorski told RIA Novosti that the Embassy of Ukraine is «near the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.» «We can say that the action took place in a symbolic location — next to the master (Radoslaw) Sikorski (Foreign Minister),» — said the activist.

He noted that «as it was unregistered action, then gathered about 20-25 people who were on the one hand, civil society, representatives of various kinds of non-governmental organizations, on the other hand — the representatives of the Ukrainian minority in Poland.»

«This action was symbolic. The main thing that has managed to attract the attention of several Polish media, which the participants were able to recall what happened in Odessa. In Poland, in fact, no one paid any attention to what happened in Odessa, because the majority is influenced by mass propaganda, «- said Piskorski.

«Together with the Russian» in Sofia

The aim of the organizers of Sofia, according to the chairman of the National Society «Together with Russia,» Dimitar Dimitrov, was to attract media attention, «journalists to show and tell the inhabitants of Bulgaria that such an event happened.» According to him, representatives came to cover the share of channels 8-9 on national television, several journalists from newspapers, radio, and from two internet portals.
Dimitrov said that recently there has been improvement in the situation in the media in terms of information flow from the Ukraine. «We have, I see recently served two points of view: the western and eastern. Although sometimes biased, but they still reflect the situation and point of view of Russia. Previously, it was more one-sided, «- said the activist.

According to official data, in the House of Trade Unions killed 48 people, but the Odessa Regional Council deputy Vadim Savenko said that authorities hide the real data: according to his information, killing 116 people.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said that Kiev hampers investigation of the tragedy in Odessa and other violations of human rights in Ukraine.


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