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National-Socialist led the Ukrainian Parliament

The founder of the Social-Nationalist Party of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy headed the Ukrainian parliament. Reporters quickly found Parubiy’s publication, which he did in the 1990s. It really turned out to be a racist. And the United States, according to Parubiy are responsible for the destruction of the white race.
Website “Navigator” quotes excerpts from the Parubiy’s article published once in the Nazi “Landmarks” magazine.

“Young people with disheveled and dirty hair, torn jeans that promote corruption and pacifism – is the result of expansion of the American way of life, the liberal ideology in Ukraine”, – the current speaker of Ukrainian parliament has written.
At the same time in his articles Parubiy refers to the history of Kievan Rus’ and does not hesitate his position as a racist.
“Let us recall the times of the Kievan state – called social-nationalist. – Then, Ukraine was one of the leading centers of cultural life in Europe, most military force in Europe. Actually that time Ukraine defended the white race from total invasion of the Asian hordes. It stopped them with its chest. This is a major clash between two races, in which Ukraine adequately served its purpose, undermined the power of our country. But it ensured the free development of the other nations of Europe.”
But perhaps the most controversial was his statement on the pages of social-nationalist newspaper “Landmarks” against the United States, the main strategic partner of todays Ukraine.
Parubiy describes his stay in France, and a meeting with Jean-Marie Le Pen, then the leader of the “National Front”.

“Russia and the US are the two centers of globalization that, in fact, seek to destroy the European spirit, as hostile to their essence, – Parubiy urged. – Seek to destroy the identity of the European nations. But they do not understand – the barbarians can temporarily defeat, can destroy a lot, but they do not destroy the European spirit, the spirit of the white race. Barbarians come and go, but Europe remains a Europe as the center of the world of spirituality and civilization, Europe of free nations.”


US officials have not commented on the situation yet. Maybe the photo below can explain theit silence


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