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Ukraine | Police and fascists joint front in Ukraine

At night on August 24 Ukrainian police guarded Ukrainian fascists in Odessa while fascists pulled down and desecrated monument to the Soviet marshal Georgiy Zhukov well known for his struggle against fascism in the second world war. Fascist thugs pulled down the monument and transported it to another part of the city. When they beat it with legs and symbolically hang it. They finished their derision with traditional fascist firework.

Ukraine | Nazis from ‘C14’ attacked a protest against anticommunist renaming in Kiev

The radical ‘C14’ organization attacked a demonstration against the renaming of Vatutin Avenue in Kiev into Shukhevich avenue. Vatutin is a Red army commander who led Soviet troops while they liberated Ukraine from Nazi occupation and Shukhevich is Nazi collaborator. The ‘C14’ organization reported about this on Facebook. Several dozen banners that were used, including those with the inscription “Socialist Youth Congress”, served as visual proof.

Ukraine | Battle for historical memory is carried on in Ukraine

On May 9, Ukraine traditionally celebrates the day of victory in the Great Patriotic War. However, the fascists, who came to power, are trying to ban this holiday. They can not do this openly, so they came up with an alternative holiday on May 8, and try to terrorize and intimidate people who go to the streets on May 9.
However, the people do not give up and respond with the action “Immortal Regiment”. During the action, the descendants of Soviet soldiers march through the streets with portraits of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers.
To prevent the procession of the “Immortal Regiment” in 2017, the Kiev regime began to prepare well in advance. May 5, the site “Immortal Regiment – Ukraine” was blocked without a court decision. Contrary to the anti-communist laws, it was forbidden to use any Soviet symbolism associated with the Victory on May 9. A special irritation under Kiev regime is the use of the Guards or St. George ribbon. It is not officially banned, but for its use, the police arrests people.
The Ukrainian police do not say how many people celebrated the Victory Day. According to their data, more than 2 thousand mass events took place on the territory of Ukraine on May 8 and 9, about 700 thousand citizens took part in it. However, on May 8, a small number of official events took place, and mass street festivals were held on May 9. Despite all the efforts of the Kiev regime on this day, hundreds of thousands of conscious citizens of Ukraine came to the streets, and the government used its last resort to stop them – the fascists. Throughout Ukraine, a real battle unfolded for the historical memory.

Ukraine | Ukrainian fascists against national minorities in Chernivtsi

On March 19, in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, local political scientist Oleg Khavich organized an international round table on the protection of the rights of national minorities. The organizer was the association ‘Ethnic Minorities Rights Watch’. The event was attended by representatives of the Polish Sejm, Romanian consul, representatives of the Romanian district of Suceava.
However, the so-called “veterans of the antiterrorist operation”, which participated in the suppression of the anti-Kiev uprising in the Donbas, broke into the round table. They said that it was a pro-Kremlin action and ripped off the round table. After the beginning of the riots, the police came and arrested the organizer, one must assume for resistance to the fascists. The police dragged Oleg Khavich out of the hall and handcuffed him. At the same time, the political scientist reports that the police officer took away his cell phone.
In a commentary to the media Havich expresses surprise at this unforeseen development of events. “It was a round table completely neutral from a political point of view. It was absolutely peaceful representative event, which was supposed to take place in the Ukrainian language. What kind of Kremlin can we talk about?” According to him, the goal of uniting Ethnic Minorities Rights Watch, and the ripped round table was the Europeanization of Ukraine. It is about using contacts of national minorities, whose “mother countries” are members of the EU, to strengthen Ukraine’s relations with Europe. After all, this is a bilateral benefit: Ukrainian Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Greeks will receive additional attention from Kiev, and Ukraine itself is an additional channel of communication with Brussels.
Currently, Oleg Khavich is preparing a lawsuit against the police, accusing it of official negligence, abuse of authority (unlawful detention using special means) and robbery.

Ukraine | A New Tool for Repression in Ukraine

June 2, Ukraine’s parliament passed a law on the national police. This police officially will deal with the protection of public order and combating crime. As part of the agency will be criminal and patrol police, pre-trial investigation authorities, the guard police and the special police. Old police, named militsia will continue its existence. Thus, both polices will operate simultaneously. Employees of the new police will be recruited not from the old members of the militsia, but from the volunteers who had not served in the police force. According to the law their monthly salary will be 25 thousand hryvnia. By the standards of Ukraine it is very huge salary.
Old police disloyal to Kiev regime, and the government of Yatsenyuk is well aware of this. Therefore, they want to replace it by loyal staff. It will not be the lack of volunteers. A huge number of paramilitary right-wing extremists will gladly serve the new regime for the huge salary. Thus, the Kiev government expects to legalize activists of fascist gangs and get in its hands a loyal tool of social control and repression of anti-government protest activity. Dictatorship in Ukraine continues to strengthen.