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Russia | The Russian revolution: some economic notes

Michael Roberts

It’s almost exactly 100 years to the day (on the modern calendar) since the revolutionary insurrection in St Petersburg that led to the Bolshevik wing of the Russian Social Democrats gaining control of the major organs of power and establishing the rule of workers Soviets.

Russia | Red March – Moscow 7th November 2017 – Speeches

Translated by Dmytriy Kovalevich

Ukraine | Ukraine and October: one hundred years of the banned revolution

November 7, 2017: In the commentary on the centennial of the October Revolution, two extremes can be seen. On the one hand, we don’t tire of talking about the outstanding significance of this historic event, about its achievements, accomplishments and victories. But those who fall into pathos recall that a century later, the legacy of October is reduced to nothing. And the holiday of the victory of the revolutionary forces has to be celebrated in days of obvious defeat — when these forces have long since dried up, and their flags are lying now somewhere in the dustbin of history, where they are picked up by political rogues and fringes.

Russia | The Relevance of the Russian Revolution Today

Leon Trotsky, co-leader with Vladimir Lenin of the 1917 October Revolution in Russia, famously argued that the “Russian Question” was key to the standing of every party on earth that claimed allegiance to the heritage of revolutionary socialist politics.

Germany | Kommunisten rollen mit russischem Panzer durch Berlin

BERLIN. Eine Gruppe von Kommunisten ist am Sonntag mit DDR-Militärlastwagen, einem alten russischen Panzer und Sowjetfahnen durch Berlin gezogen. Nach Angaben der Berliner Polizei wurde die Demonstration vom „Verein für die unliteratische Verwendung der Literatur und außergewöhnliche Brechtvorhaben“ angemeldet, berichtete die Bild-Zeitung. Die Kommunismusparade führte durch die Bezirke Friedrichshain und Moabit.