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Ukraine | Austrian journalist has been included in death list in Ukraine

The international scandal is gaining due to the inclusion of the famous Austrian journalist, 57-year-old Christian Wehrschütz in the list of enemies and “pro-Russian propagandists” in Ukraine.

Wehrschütz, recognized in Austria as a journalist of the year in 2014, a long-term special correspondent in the Balkans, has been heading the bureau of the largest Austrian television channel ORF in Kiev since 2015.

The purge of school teachers has begun in Ukraine

The mayor of a large Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk, Boris Filatov, said on July 18 that he began personnel purge in the city’s schools. School principals are appointed by the city’s mayor under the contract, and the mayor threatens those directors who oppose the Kiev regime and show sympathy for Russia. Filatov said that about a third of the directors and head teachers of schools will be dismissed because of pro-Russian views and “separatist sentiments.” The corresponding statement he published on Facebook.

Ukraine | Ukrainian high school teachers dismissed for a trip to Crimea

Repression began against the Ukrainian teachers for a trip to Crimea. The other day, on the order of the minister of education Lilia Grinevich, associate professor of the department of translation and language training for foreigners in Oles Gonchar Dnepropetrovsk National University Lyudmila Strebul was dismissed for a trip to the Crimea at the conference “Russian language in a multicultural world.”
10th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Russian language in a multicultural world” held in Yalta from 8 to 11 June 2016. It was attended by scientists from ten countries, including three from Ukraine. Besides Strebul assistant professor of language preparation of the Zaporozhye State Medical University Vladimir Haylik participated in the conference, and professor of department of Russian language in Dragomanov Kyiv National Pedagogical University Irina Zaitseva was not only an ordinary member, but a member of the program committee.
The scandal emerged five days ago after a public denunciation of the journalist Yacov Noskov, who works on the Ukrainian TV channel “1 + 1”, known for its aggressive Russophobic views. The Ministry of Education demanded that the rectors of all three universities explain the behavior of their subordinates. At the moment, education minister boasted that Lyudmila Sterbul already dismissed, the fate of the others teachers remains unknown.

Russia | No More Maidans: NATO Training Ukrainian Troops to Crush Future Protests

Rapid Trident-2016, a series of military drills involving Ukrainian and NATO troops in the western Ukrainian region of Lviv, kicked off on June 27. This year, the exercises, involving over nearly 2,000 troops from 13 countries, apparently include training the Ukrainian military on how to prevent popular unrest from toppling the government.

Ukraine | Harassment of the opposition television channel

National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting fined Ukrainian TV channel “112 Ukraine” and took away his 5 licenses for digital broadcasting. The fine amounted to 131.2 thousand hryvnia (about 6000 dollars). Formally, the basis for the decision of the council was a violation of the license terms. The channel has received a license to broadcast in the entertainment area. However, last year the channel actively covered political issues. Among all Ukrainian channels it was only one allowed itself to criticize the domestic policies of the government and the president. At the same time, the channel did not give grounds for charges of separatism.
National Council demanded that the channel within two weeks will rule out political programs and focus on entertainment programs.
Cancellation of licenses and strict requirements of the National Council are a means of political pressure on the only opposition channel in Ukraine.